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I am having all 4 of my Wisdom teeth removed today... I live in Ontario, Canada. the most it will cost me with a local anestetic will be $1086... $271/tooth. the cheapest it will be is about $500... I have coverage through Empire Life and they cover around $116/tooth depending on the procedure taken...
If you are unsure about the cost you can always ask your dentist office for an estimate... they are very helpful in that aspect.

ANSWER: It just cost me $500. cash/per MOLAR, in NEW YORK, to have extracted under local anesthia.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-28 18:52:31
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Q: How much does it cost to have your wisdom teeth pulled?
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How much does it cost to have wisdom teeth pulled?

125 per tooth

how much do it cost to have two teeth pulled?

how much do it cost to have two teeth pulled?

If I dont have dental insurance how much will it cost me to get my wisdom teeth removed?

I think the cost is nearly $950 to get your wisdom teeth removed

How much does it cost to have four wisdom teeth pulled?

I just had 3 removed on January 2 and it cost $400. that included local anesthesia. No oral surgery required for my case.

Is it ok to drink beer after you get wisdom teeth pulled?

no there is too much achoal in beer and it may get infected

How much does it cost to get 10 teeth pulled?

The cost to get ten teeth pulled will depend on the dentist office rates. On average, each tooth will cost an estimated 120 dollars per tooth.

Cost of having wisdom teeth pulled?

It depends on where you live because some places cost less than others, and how bad your teeth are. If they just pull them out it would cost less then if they had to drill deep in your jaw because they grew in funny. Also it depends on the type of insureance that you have and how much they would pay for the surgery.

How much should it cost to take out two wisdom teeth and how long is the procedure?

The price of removing wisdom teeth varies from city to city and state to state. Also, keep in mind certain factors may affect the price such as; Do you have dental insurance or not? I, on the other hand, currently do not have dental insurance. I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. I got my first one pulled about 3 hours ago and paid in full cash of $130. ---- Here's a very "ball park" estimate of the price that you might pay to have a wisdom tooth extracted that is classified as a soft tissue impaction. Wisdom teeth that are bony impactions can cost up to twice as much to have removed. $100.00 - $350.00. Please keep in mind this is just an estimate and varies depending where you live.

If your wisdom teeth are out on the top and not out on the bottom how much should it cost to have 2 pulled and 2 cut?

Two weeks ago, we paid $1,204.00 for four wisdom teeth to be extracted. This was done by an oral surgeon who was also a medical doctor which may account for the high cost. We used this person because my son has bad allergies so we wanted the medical doctor expertise as well.

How much will delta dental pay for wisdom teeth extraction?

Delta dental is a dental insurance company. Delta dental will pay 50%-80% of the cost for the extraction of wisdom teeth.

How long does face swell after wisdom teeth?

Depends on how much trauma the area experienced when the teeth were pulled. If the face is still swollen after a week time to call the dentist who did the procedure.

How long do you have to wait to brush my teeth after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Dont wait you can brush afterwards just dont use a mouthwash for a while. And avoid where you got the extraction at as much as possible.

How much does it cost to get your wisdom teeth removed without insurance in Ohio?

YES, calnculator is a real word Einstein

How much weight can be lost from wisdom teeth removal?

Removing wisdom teeth has nothing to do with weight loss. The lack of eating would. You can still eat without your wisdom teeth or any teeth for that matter.

How much can you sell your wisdom teeth for?

More importantly who buys wisdom teeth in Guelph

How much adult teeth do you get?

32 adult not counting wisdom teeth

How much does it cost to get your wisdom teeth pulled in Washington state-Seattle i heard its like 600 dollars each teeth and i need to pull all four out. does anyone know?

i just got two out this week and they were already through the gum and they charged me $100 each tooth

If you have insurance how much will getting your wisdom teeth pulled cost?

Well mine was a less than $450.00 buh my friends they all paid up to $2000.. for theirs.. but if you have to be sedated then that like way more.. I paid $200 for that and $45 each tooth

What can you eat when your wisdom teeth are growing in?

When the wisdom teeth are growing in... You can pretty much eat everything like normal. There are some things, however, such as nuts that may get stuck in the teeth.

How much does it cost in BC to get one wisdom tooth pulled without insurenc?

The cost of having a tooth pulled without insurance will depend upon multiple factors. The dentist of choice, the procedure required, as well as if the individual will be put under or awake are all factors in determining the cost.

Is it possible to make your teeth crooked by your wisdom teeth if they are already straight mine are growing towards my teeth?

Your wisdom teeth will most likely make your other teeth crooked if they are impacted and growing sideways in your mouth..they also make it harder to clean the teeth that they are impacted into (your molars) Get them pulled out before this becomes a bigger problem An impacted wisdom tooth is very painful and often only continues with brief periods of relief from the pain by a couple months. You do not want to end up in the emergency room over this which will charge you a pretty penny and be starving at the same time because its impossble to eat your in so much pain. If your wisdom teeth are pulled what will happen is that the front teeth will be able to space out in the front by filling up the space that was once the crowded wisdom teeth in the back. This should always be done by a professional or at the very least a dental school because clinics that just pull teeth can often make mistakes like breaking teeth which lead to infections.

How long do you have to go without drinking After you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

you can drink water, tea, coffee and soda as much as you want, if you mean alcoholic beverages you should wait a couple of days.

How much teeth does an adult have?

An adult human theoretically can have 32 teeth, but four of those are wisdom teeth, which almost everyone has removed. So 28 teeth is the most likely answer, if the person still has all of their (non-wisdom) teeth.

How much pain are you in after getting wisdom teeth cut out?


Why do wisdom teeth hurt so much?

because of your nerves and because of the other teeth they a pushing....