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How much does it cost to import a car?

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August 01, 2010 6:13AM

There is no 'set' price on importing a car, fees range as listed below:

  • Import Tax of 2.5% for cars, 2.4% for motorcycles and 25% for trucks (that is not a typo, truck imports are expensive) - based on the vehicles value;
  • EPA & DOT compliance fees - if the vehicle does not meet EPA & DOT standards you must pay a EPA & DOT certified shop to upgrade the vehicle to standards;
  • "Gas Guzzler Fees" if the vehicle does not get 22.5 MPG then there is a gas tax on the vehicle;
  • Shipping Container Fees, the vehicle must be in a shipping container and the fee is based on the container costs + shipping destinations;
  • Cleaning Fees, yes your car must be steam cleaned inside and out to prevent any insect or soil contamination,
  • Inspection Fee's, these fees vary depending on the vehicle (to ensure compliance with items above).

Please Note: US Residents are given a One Time per Life (only once in your lifetime) exception to 'some' of the requirements above, also: Vehicles that are destined to some type of non-use museum are also exempt from some of these fees.