How much does it cost to install a utility pole in USA?

The cost will be between $700 and $3200 per pole with no guy wire anchors. (in my area)
$500 for a 40 foot pole (in stock)
$700 for a 50 foot pole (in stock)
$800 hole drilled into rock
$1800 for 65 foot pole
$1950 for 70 foot pole
$1000 to $1200 to drill hole in rock....longer and wider pole so $1000 to $1200 for this.
Cost of guy wire anchor is ??????.
If you can dig instead of drill, get a backhoe for about $75/hr plus a one time float charge of maybe $60 to $100. So lets say it comes to $200 to put the pole in the ground on a fairly easy dig.