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How much does it cost to move from California to Texas?

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2012-08-17 13:17:08

There is no 'blanket' cost for a move from California to Texas

because each moving scenario is different. Several factors are

considered when determining the cost of a move, including:

-the city/zip codes you're moving to and from (serviceability


-the distance you're moving (driver compensation, fuel


-the dates you're moving (higher in peak season due to


-size of home/how much you're moving (more space used on a

trailer means less of other freight can be moved with it)

-the direction you're traveling, i.e. west to east, east to

west, etc. (low or high equipment availability/balance and

inventory in each location)

To get a cost quote for your move, you will need to contact a

moving company directly. Many companies offer free quotes with no

obligation, and that way you'll have an idea how much to save in

your moving budget!

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