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Average Cost per regulator is around $75 to $100 depending on the shop.

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how do you replace the window regulater on a 89 cadillac deville?

You have to replace a whole thing, not only a cable

how to take the door panel off of a 1997 mercury marquis

On a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis the windshield washer squirter button is on the end of the turn signal lever

it's a complete kit. You can get one at a Junk Yard or from auto parts.

Just use a flat head screw driver to pry it off.

It is called a window Regulator go on line and you will find a picture of it. I have replaced 3 on mine.

The motors were installed with rivets at the factory. You need to use a drill and drill out the rivets to remove the motor. The replacement motors come with screws and bolts to replace the rivets.

Need to know what's wrong with it. More info please.

you need a window regulater you can not just put on track and it can cost some money

On the drivers side of the instrument panel ( it must be somewhere behind the steering wheel )

Begin by removing the inside door panel of your 2001 Mercury Villager. Remove the window motor wiring harness. Remove the window motor linkage. Remove the window motor retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new window motor.

There is an electric motor that drives a geared pulley which is attached to a sliding bracket attached to the window. Most of the time the cable jumps off due to dry or binding window/channel. There are rubber spacers in the gear attached to the motor that deteriate in the heat and crumble. You can buy a new gear kit and replace it.

smash it with a hammer until it signs your contract

My 93 Mercury's windows are off track. They stay on track until I manually push them up and they go off track. I have been told that you have to drill out the rivets that keep the window on track, adjust them, then replace the rivets with a bolt and nut.Could this be right?John

the window regulater has a nylon tape that runs the window up and down. the tape can be purchased fromm the parts store

The only way to do it it to either: 1. Go to a Junk Yard and try to find one --- or 2. Buy the complete Kit from a dealer (Cost About $65) The 95 Marquis uses cables where other models used a cross cross beam system. I had to replace all 4 window cables on my 95 marquis. Trying to rewind the spool is a complete waste of time. Oh, by the way. The cable system is Pop Riveted - so you're gonna need a Rivet Gun and very small hands. Hope this helps.

That is on the inside of each door, behind the door panel and that is what makes the windows go up and down.

The window washer pump should be located in the bottom of the washer reservoir for the 1998 Sable. The reservoir may have to be removed to replace it.

If it's the opening type, unscrew the latches and take it off.

It's all part of a kit. You'll have to replace the whole kit to gain success.

You can remove the door panel. And there are 3 star bolts that hold the power window motor. Once you remove the motor you can remove gear cable from motor and pull up the window by hand. That is the only way I know of. I had two motorcables brake on me.

it's riveted in. I drove around for years with a broken drivers side window motor... The cheapest way to fix the problem is to get a new door......Promise. Shops were saying nearly $700 to replace the motor.....