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How much does it cost to send a certified letter through the US Postal Service?


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Click on the link to your right for the official rates from the USPS.


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Just ask the Letter Carrier or Sales Associate, there is no rule that says they can't. Remember the Postal Service is all about Customer Service.

Contact the police. Avoid handling the letter and its envelope too much.

Certified Mail is a special service started in 1955 by the US Postal Service that gives the sender proof of mailing and delivery. If the intended receiver does not sign the receipt of deliver, then he will not receive that letter. Any person can sign for the letter, so if the intended receiver is not at home, or not available to pick it up at the post office, someone else can do it for him, as long as they sign the reciept taking responsibility for the letter.

There was no US Postal Service in 1850.

You can expect that your mail will be mailed out the same day which you place it in a mailbox if you do so in the morning, or the following business day if you place it in the mailbox after the carrier has already visited the mailbox that day. The postal service picks up from most mailboxes Monday through Saturday. To determine when a letter was mailed, if you are in receipt of the letter, you can examine the postmark date on it. It shows when the postal service took possession of the letter.

"The US Postal Service currently employs thousands of men and women as letter carriers." You would use "US Postal Service" as if it were the name of a company, and mail carriers, post office clerks, etc. are employees of that company. For all intents and purposes, you can think of the US Postal Service as being like a company that is owned by the US government.

The word "postman" is a person who works for the postal service. The postal service delivers letters that people have posted with due postage paid. Therefore the verb is the verb to "post" as in "post a letter".

It depends on the weight of the letter/package.

very important to mail letters to each other

It doesn't need to be unless you're using it as a title.My dad was a letter carrier also known as a postal carrier.Letter Carrier LastName won an award for best postal service.

advantages is that when u'll send letters... u'll have the human element... itz kind of nice to get a letter from ur loved ones and handwriiten... disadvantages are slow... hv bigger possibility of the letters to get lost... but even though u order something through online service... u still need to get the items... through postal service..

If you mean letter, as in letters of the alphabet, the word is littera. If you mean letter, as in a letter transported by the postal service, the word is epistola.

A constable cannot serve a certified letter. Certified letters are from the US Postal Service, while a constable is a court employee used to help execute on judgments. Some courts may permit a constable to use certified mailing as opposed to personal servicet, to give debtors notice of wage garnishment. If the certified mailing is accepted or even refused by the debtor, service will be deemed complete. Service by certified mail is usually accompanied by a mailing of ordinary mail simultaneously. If the certified mail comes back because it simply was not picked, the ordinary mailing proves that the debtor lives there if the ordinary mailing does not come back as Addressee Unknown. These methods of service may not be utilized in all courts, so the debtor has to look into the court rules where the judgment came from.

It takes about three days for a first class letter to reach Texas from Ohio through the US Postal Service. Benjamin Franklin was the country's first postmaster general.

It depends on what postal service you use, but it will probably take about a week.

According to the United States Postal Service [USPS] THREE DAYS OR LESS.

If you ship it through the United States Postal Service they have a flat rate shipping envelope for international letters with a price of $3.25 per envelope.

Priority Mail from the US Postal Service is generally 2 days within the US. See the Related Link below for more details ...

The postal service in Afghanistan does not function at the moment and even if you send a letter or a parcel, chances are it will never reach its destination. However, there are agencies who conduct postal services to the main cities in Afghanistan but they are not your regular or governmetn postal service. They are all private postal services such as: FedEx and DHL. I believe it will cost $80 US Dollars just to send a one page letter through FedEx and the same I believe goes for DHL or might a more expensive. If you need to send something to Afghanistan, I suggest you do not use the regular postal service. First of all the addressing system in Afghanistan is not established as to what we have the in the Western Countries. Streets still do not have well established names and houses do not have numerical identities at the moment. Let us say you are sending letter to soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan, your specific government will have an appropriate address dedicated for that and I think that is the best form of postal service that you can try to reach your men and women in uniform serving there at the moment. I hope that helps.

It varies, but with the US postal service it takes 3-5 buisness days

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