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2008-2009 SSAT Fees

$105 SSAT : National Test

USA, Canada, Am. Samoa, Puerto Rico, Saipan, USVI$205 SSAT : International Test

All other test locations

(outside of USA, Canada, or the territories listed above)

$130 Late Registration - USA/Canada (online only)

Standard Fee + $25 Late Fee $230 Late Registration - International (online only)

Standard Fee + $25 Late Fee

$160 Standby Registration - USA/Canada (online only)

Standard Fee + $55 Standby Fee $260Standby Registration - International (online only)

Standard Fee + $55 Standby Fee

$ 30 Change of Test Date and/or Center

$ 25 Web Service Bundle

Includes email reporting to home and up to 10 additional reports ordered online. $ 10 Add or Cancel Score Report $ 20 E-Mail Score Reporting to Home $ 30 FedEx Score Reporting to Home

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Q: How much does it cost to take the SSAT exam?
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