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the cost will vary, depending on whether you have a 4 cyl. or 6 cyl. engine (one head to do- vs. two heads on a V-6)

If you do much of the labour yourself and get a friend with a troque wrench to help, you should be able to do a 4 cyl. for as little as 400$ (that's even including Milling the head/new head bolts/and some new minor parts that are inexpensive and easier to replace once the head/throttle body/hoses are all unattacthed to do a head gasket job. You can probably get a 4 cyl. done for around 1000$ at a local garage(dealership will be around 1350$) A 6 cyl. done yourself should only be around 500$/local garage around $1100 and a dealership could be as high as 1650$. There are steps to make it cheaper i.e theehad might look okay and a friend or Mechanic might tell you that you do not need to mill the head (or check it for cracks- this depends on the severity of the ehead gasket ---bad leak or blow !!) The reason I know some of this is that I have been through it three times and have been able to keep the cost down by getting a friend's help, and once by doing almost 90% of it myself !!! p.s.-don't forget to get the intake manifold checked for cracks !! good luck!!!!!

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Q: How much does it normally cost to replace a head gasket in a 92 Chevy Corsica?
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