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0.99 cents

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โˆ™ 2008-09-21 16:17:26
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Q: How much does itunes charge per song?
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How much money does apple make per song?

if you mean iTunes they charge .99, but after tax I think its about 1.08-1.09

How much does it cost per song on itunes?


If you buy a song from itunes for your ipod how much does it cost per song?


Where do you download MP3 songs?

ITunes or Napster. They generally charge around 99 cents per song.

How much does it cost per song on itunes on your iPod?

It can vary for one single song. But i must warn you albums are more

How much is a LimeWire charge per song?

Limewire does not charge. It is Peer 2 Peer (P2P) and so most stuff downloaded using it is free... and illegal. You do get the occasional legal software on it but most of it is not. If you want to legally download music then try iTunes.

What percentage does iTunes get per song?

35.6565656565657% for single song downloads 36.2362362362362% for albums.

What are iTunes prices for music?

Most of the iTunes music is between 99 cents and $1.99 per song.

How much do you have to pay to be a registered member of itunes online music apart from charges per song download?

The account is free.

Where can you download music for a fee per song?

Itunes is a good, comprehensive site for downloading music for a fee per song.

Does iTunes have a subscription service?

no itunes does not have a subscription service, although you have to provide a credit car and # when you sign up. itunes is a "pay-per-song" company.

If you bought a iPod do you have to paid for iTunes downloads?

Yep 99 cents per song

Where can a person purchase music by Omar Cruz?

A person may purchase music by Omar Cruz from iTunes. They usually charge 99 cents per song. A person may buy each song separately and buy only the songs they like.

If you have a subscription to iTunes is it completely free of charge with no strings attached?

Simply creating an account with iTunes does not cost you anything. The only time it will cost you money is if you buy a song/album/video/whatever. In fact, you can even get 2 or 3 free songs per week if you have an account =]

Is iTunes free?

No. I-tunes cost $0.99 per song. But that isn't THAT expensive (I mean, considering you don't go crazy on how much you download and that you make money)

Where can you win money from uploading your muisc?

You could try, there are many ways to make money with music: • Charge per song • Charge per album • Have a recommended donation they can pay if they want • Have a minimum donation (they have to pay at least that much, more if they want) You can also submit it to iTunes, but you need many albums, won't get all the money from it, and need a mac with a fast connection. But, if you choose this, you will have a much higher audience and might make more.

How much is the iTunes store worth?

iTunes currently sells around 12 million songs per day - which is $360 million per month and about $4.3 billion per year.

How much money does drake make a song?

For songs he usuall makes up to $10,000 per song. Higher if the song is bought from a lot of people on iTunes. Verses in songs such as LIL Wayne's songs can get up to $8,000 for each verse.

Are there any legal music downloading sites that charge a monthly fee but NO per-track downloading fee - AND are compatible with Itunes?

Yahoo Plus....Its 20 dollars but no per-track fee and they are compatible with iTunes

How much does banda recodo charge per hour?

How much did Banda el recodo charge per hour now in usa

Do you have to pay to put music on your ipod?

If using ITunes yes you have to pay 99 cents per song.

Is iTunes music are free?

No. iTunes Store sells music for around $1.00 per song; occasionally you may be offered free songs via advertising or promotions.

Do you have to pay for iTunes on your computer?

The iTunes application is free for both Mac & Windows, however the music itself is mostly a paid on a per song/album basis. That said, Apple does give away one song every week.

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Depends on how much they charge per hour

How much does a roofer charge per hour?

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