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KISS requires a promoter to pay $300.000 in full in advance in order to get on the schedule. This is a fee guaranty cover for the travel,booking and other expenses. KISS always hooks up with extra sponsors that will give them a guaranty fee for each night for what is considered a basic take home. This on their last tour was $15.000.00. They also have a take on avg based on the last tour of 65% of the gate and this avg was $1.2 million. The merch sales as well as personal meet and greets and various other appearances would net an avg of $70.000 per night.

Avg per nite
sponsor guaranty $15.000.00/2=$7.500
65% Gate $1.2 Mil/2=$600.000
Miscellanea $70.000/2=$30.500
Avg total $1.285.000 /2= $642.500

The /2= is done because the total tour gross is paid to Gene And Paul. They are under a total 50% income partnership. Whatever each of the make, KISS related or not it is split between them 50% equal.
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There does not appear to be information available throughNickelodeon how much they charge for ad space during Rugrats.

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