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Masashi Kishimoto was born on November 8, 1974.

No, Masashi Kishimoto is still alive as of August 24th, 2010.

Naruto's writers are Masatoshi Kusakabe, Masashi Kishimoto and Masashi Kishimoto.

Masashi Kishimoto is 43 years old (birthdate: November 8, 1974).

Masashi Kishimoto is a 34 years old man. He does not go to school.

Go to youtube, search for Masashi Kishimoto message 2009 , or , Masashi Kishimoto FRANCE. And you'l see him drawing!

Masashi Kishimoto doesnt really think to much about couples... I mean... come on, they're in a fu**ing war!!1

Mashashi Kishimoto Its Masashi Kishimoto, not Mashashi.

Masashi Kishimoto .

Masashi Kishimoto looks like a Japanese guy. He is male and looks identical to his brother Seishi Kishimoto. You have a computer look it up retard.

Well it is diferent of every other mangaka, but Kishimoto Masashi get payed 100 Dollars pro one manga he created weekly...

Masashi Kishimoto was born on November 8, 1974.

Masashi Kishimoto also wrote the supa successful 'Karakuri' (mechanism) manga in Japan.

Masashi Kishimoto had a girlfriend, and officially from 2007 she is his wife, and our proud mangaka is a father now, at least of one child....

Easy, Masashi Kishimoto!!!! ^__^

Masashi Kishimoto Author of Naruto

That would be Masashi Kishimoto.

Masashi Kishimoto is the Author and illustrator of Naruto the manga .

Masashi Kishimoto created the sereis and the characters from scratch and it is the most popular anime/manga sereis in the world! It is worth a fortune and he has stared time and time again "not for sale"

Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of Naruto.

Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Masashi Kishimoto i think

Naruto was created by Masashi Kishimoto in 2002.

Yes there is a book about him in the Naruto books

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