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How much does medical billing and coding get paid?

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2013-01-31 11:29:42
2013-01-31 11:29:42

It depends where you work and what type, if any certification you have. To work in a doctors office after a vocational training program w/o any certification, you'd make the low end of $12 to $13 an hour. With certification more around $15 an hour. In a hospital with a high level certification around $20 an hour. If you have your own business, you are paid a percentage of what you bring in between 6-14%. A lot of companies are now making millions out of it so if you have a chance, I'd suggest that you build your own too as the demand for it is just growing on the daily basis. The Government Occupational Outlook handbook suggests that the industry of healthcare is still going to grow for the next decade so expect some improvement with the salary as well.

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