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1 gallon of gasoline equals 5.8 to 6.5 lbs.


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About 1,890 pounds @6.3 pounds per US gallon.

A gallon of gasoline weighs:6.073 pounds per US Gallon.7.29 pounds per Imperial (UK) Gallon.

45 gallons of gasoline weighs about 283.5 pounds @6.3 pounds per gallon.

One US gallon of gasoline weighs about 6.073 pounds.

About 189 pounds @6.3 pounds per US gallon.

12 gallons of gasoline weighs about 75.6 pounds @6.3 pounds per gallon.

Approximately 3.15 pounds @6.3 pounds per gallon.

8 pounds per gal.. 6 pounds per gallon in U.S. measure

depends on the liquid. One gallon of gasoline would be very different from one gallon of mercury

That depends on the density of the fluid! But, as a ballpark figure, a gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds, while a gallon of gasoline weighs about 6.25 pounds. Please keep in mind that this is only an average. Depending on other factors like the temperature, type (diesel or unleaded), and blend, a gallon of gasoline could weigh as little as 5.93 pounds or as much as 6.42 pounds.

how much does gallon of diesel in pounds weigh

It will vary by the type of gasoline, but a little over 6 pounds to the gallon, so about 31 pounds.About 31.5 pounds.

It is not possible to answer the question without knowing the volume (quantity) of the gasoline. One gallon weighs from 5.8 to 6.5 pounds, depending on the temperature when you weigh it. Water holds similar weight properties as gasoline, so you may wish to test this by weighing one gallon of hot water and one gallon of cold water and taking the average. Don't measure, pour or heat gasoline!! Gasoline wegihs 6.08 pounds per gallon, diesel weighs an average of 7.1 pounds per gallon, water weighs 10.0 pounds per gallon. I Taransport gasoline daily and have been for the past 14 years.

6.073 pounds per US Gallon. 7.29 pounds per Imperial Gallon

5.92 to 6.4. Its basically 6lbs per Gallon. Avgas for airplanes which is 100 octane with low lead is 6 pounds per gallon too.

About 6.3 pounds per US gallon of gasoline.

Since gasoline weighs 6.1-pounds per gallon, 4.8-gallons of gasoline weighs 29.28-pounds.

A US gallon of gasoline weighs approximately 6.3 pounds.

1 Gallon of gasoline weighs 6.152 lbs.

About 7 pounds per gallon.

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