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I had to completely delete the stuff that was here; it was too off the wall. Here's a key question that goes to the wording of the question in question. (I was going to rephrase the question, but I decided it would be better to ask, instead.) Should the question have read, "How much does a solid block of ice weigh if it is made from one gallon of pure, distilled water in a hermetically sealed container at or slightly below 32 degrees F"? Note the slight difference in wording that makes a significant difference to what is implied. In my reworded question, you start out with a gallon a water and then freeze it. In the original question, it looks like you END UP with a solid block of ice that occupies a one-gallon container. Since water expands when it freezes, you would have to start out with LESS than a gallon of liquid water in order to end up with an unbroken, one-gallon container of solid ice. Since the mass of water -- or anything else!! -- doesn't increase when it freezes, a gallon of liquid water weighs as much as a solid block of ice made from a gallon of liquid water. It WILL have greater volume, however, since ice is less dense than liquid water, and might distort or perhaps burst its container as it freezes. If my wording is correct, then the ice weighs as much as it would if it were in liquid form: 8.33 pounds. See the related question to the right for more discussion.

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What is distilled water on a pH scale?

Distilled water, if it is truly distilled to purity, has a pH of 7. This means that the concentration of hydrogen ions dissociated from the water is 1x10-7 mol dm-3. Often, distilled water is impure, and is slightly more acidic (it has a slightly lower pH than seven).

Distilled water has a hydronium ion concentration of 1What is the pH of distilled water?

pure water is slightly acidic because of dissolved carbon dioxide

Properties differences between tap and distilled water?

tap water can be either slightly more acidic or slightly more basic than 7.0 on the pH scale. distilled water is approx. 7.0 a.k.a neutral

Does white distilled vinegar make a good stomach acid substitute?

It can work slightly, but will not be as good.

Is 65 degrees Fahrenheit cold?

65 degrees Fahrenheit is slightly below the lower range of what is considered room temperature. The range is around 68-79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is distilled water ionic or molecular?

water is a covakent molecule that dissociates slightly H2O <-> H+ (aq) +OH-

Why is pH of distilled water less than 7?

Distilled water has a pH between 5.6 and 7 i.e. it is slightly acidic. This is due to absorption of carbon dioxide from atmosphere to form carbonic acid

What is 43degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius?

It is just slightly over 6 degrees Celsius

How hot is 95 degrees Fahrenheit?

Slightly cooler than the human body temperature.

Why Glycerin is distilled at reduced pressure?

glycerin is distilled at reduced pressure because it has boiling point of 290 degree celsius under atmospheric pressure it slightly decomposes but under reduced pressure it distills unchanged

Why glycerin is distilled over reduce pressure?

Glycerine is distilled over reduce pressure as at its boiling point 290 degree celsius under atmospheric pressure, it slightly decomposes, but under reduce pressure it distills unchanged.

Is 99.86 degrees Fahrenheit high?

In terms of human body temperature, it is slightly above normal.

What is the normal temperature of a lion?

The normal body temperature for a lion is 101 degrees Fahrenheit. This is slightly higher than a humans body temperature, which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you lukewarm honey?

Heat it slightly in its original container... submerge it in a pan of warm, not hot water.

Difference between 20 Celsius and 500 Celsius?

480 degrees Celsius or 864 degrees of Fahrenheit. It is the difference between a slightly cool day of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and turning to ash on Venus at 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the normal body temperature of a lion?

The normal body temperature for a lion is 101 degrees Fahrenheit. This is slightly higher than a humans body temperature which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does tap evaporates before distilled water?

Distilled water would evaporate slightly faster, all conditions being equal, because dissolved minerals reduce the vapor pressure of tap water in accordance with the colligative properties of water.

Is volume conserved in a reaction between distilled water and ethanol?

No because they have different densities so the volume of the two combined will be slightly less.

Does grape juice effect chemical reaction in a galvanized container?

Yes, grape juice is slightly acidic

How would the use of distilled water in place of saline solution upset the patient's homeostasis?

Distilled water could be used in place of saline solution to upset a patient's homeostasis by having them ingest a fair amount of it. The human body has fluids that are slightly salty and have a pH of around 7.4. Distilled water should have a pH of 7.

Is 35 degress Fahrenheit or 35 degrees celsius colder?

35° Fahrenheit = 1.7° Celsius 35° C = 95° F 35° F is only slightly warmer than ice. 35° C is only slightly cooler than body-temperature. 35° F is colder.

Will distilled water freeze?

Certainly. It is water and will freeze at the freezing point of 32 degrees F. Impurities in the water will slightly change the freezing point.

How do you neutralize the distilled water if it is acidic?

the theoretical ph of distilled water is 7.0, in practice, however, most distilled water will have a ph is slightly acidic (less than 7.0) due to the presence of carbon dioxide (co2) that is absorbed from the atmosphere dissolved carbon dioxide reacts slowly with water to give the bicarbonate and hydronium ions...... (KATE.... ATEKNOTA)

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80.9 degrees Fahrenheit is slightly higher than 26.3 degrees Celsius