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How much does one liter of diesel fuel weigh?


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Diesel fuel weighs about 7.1 pounds per gallon, so a liter, of which there are 3.8 in a gallon, would weigh about 1.9 pounds.


Since a litre (liter) is a metric measure, best to keep the whole answer in metric, don't you think?

A litre (liter) of diesel fuel weighs 832grams, or 0.832kg.
.8 kgms/ ltr depending on fuel density
Diesel has a density of around 900gl-1, at about 20oC, so one litre of diesel would weigh about 0.9kg.

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The density of petroleum diesel is about 0.85 kg/l

Ten liters of diesel fuel will weigh 8320 grams. One liter of diesel fuel weighs 832 grams. Ten liters of diesel fuel weighs about 18 pounds.

A litre (liter) of diesel fuel weighs approximately 832g (0.832kg). This may vary slightly depending on the blend in use.

53.6 pounds for diesel fuel.

One gallon of diesel fuel is calculated by truck drivers to weigh 8 pounds.

Based on Type 2 diesel fuel, one Imperail gallon of fuel will weight 8.93 lbs

150.9 TO 152.9 IN Carnarvon according to Fuel Watch

About 7.15 pounds. The density of No. 2 diesel fuel is 850 grams/liter = 1.874 pounds/liter = 7.15 pounds per US gallon. Regular gasoline is considerably less dense coming in at 6.0 to 6.3 pounds per gallon.

Depends on the API gravity. During the summer, diesel will weigh between 6.951 (API 38) and 7.076 (API 35) pounds per gallon. Last winter, the diesel weighed around 7.206 (API 32) pounds per gallon. You can do the math to convert this to metric.

Which fuel? Gasoline runs about 343.74 lbs. #2 diesel is about 11.6% heavier.

how much does 100ltrs diesel weigh in tons

Nothing can weigh in gallons . 300 gallons of diesel is weighed in pounds or Kilos, and is about 7.0 pounds per US Gallon, - DEPENDING on temperature and SPECIFIC GRAVITY of that diesel fuel. - So ultimately 300 gallons of diesel will weigh between 2,070 and 2,160 pounds.

0.832 kg.. Obviously it will change minutely with a variation in cetance number and altitude.

It depends on specific gravity of Jet A fuel. It can be calculated by multipling specific gravity of fuel by 2.2.

a 4x4 extended cab diesel is about 6200pds without fuel

How much does a Chevy Malibu 3.1 liter V6 weigh?

It depends on what the liter contains.

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do you mean 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel? i think that motor weighs around 750lbs, not real sure

One kilogram weighs 2.2 pounds. If you were to take a liter of kerosene, this is how much it would weigh.

Well we know that one litre of water weighs 1 kilogram. Diesel is lighter than water. I would say about .85 kilograms.

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