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If you are concerned about motor oil the density is about 888.1 g/l at 20C (room temperature). It is heavier at 0 C and lighter at 40 C but not by much. A quart is essentially the same as a litre. 888 g weighs a bit less than 2 lb.

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Oil is not a uniform substance but a mixture of different hydrocarbons. Their relative proportion differs from source to source and, as a result, the density of oil varies by almost a quarter. It is therefore not possible to give a sensible answer.

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As well as hydrocarbon oils, there are also plant oils, so the variation in densities is enormous.

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Q: How much does one quart of oil weigh?
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How much does 15w40 m0tor oil weigh?

One quart of oil = 1.88 pounds The viscosity of the oil has no bearing on actual weight.

How much does a quart of motor oil weigh?

One quart of Mobil Special 10W-40 motor oil weighs 1.8 pounds. Not all motor oils have the same density, and one gallon of motor oil will weigh between 6 and 8 pounds.

What does One quart of liquid weigh?

It depends on the liquid - one quart of mercury is going to weigh much more the one quart of water. Refine your question.

How much does a quart of oats weigh?

A quart of oats weighs approximately one pound.

How much does one quart of mercury weigh?

If one quart equals 57.75 cubic inches, and one cubic inch of mercury weighs .49 lbs , then one quart of mercury should weigh about 28.3 lbs.

How much oil does the primary hold?

one quart

How much does one quart of raspberries weigh?

A quart of blackberries weighs 1 to 1 1/2 pounds.

How much oil for Harley Davidson 1996 primary?

One quart.

How much oil does a Tecumseh 5hp motor take?

one quart. Use the oil dipstick!!

How much does one quart weigh?

The weight of 1 quart would depend on the substance you're measuring. A quart of water weighs 2.085 pounds.

How much oil in 2008 kx450f engine?

Just under one quart.

How much oil goes in1991 xj 600 Yamaha?

One quart

What does a quart of wheat weigh?

One quart of wheat flour is one pound. One quart of corn meal weighs eighteen ounces.

How much oil does a 6 hp craftsman lawn mower hold?

Just about one quart of 30w oil.

How much oil for 1985 xr80?

I have a 2003 but I thought the engine was pretty much the same. Honda said it took .86 of one quart. Mine took all of the one quart.

How much primary oil does a 2008 Dyna low rider hold?

one quart

How much oil does a Craftsman 6.5 hp lawn mower hold?

one quart It does not hold a full quart. it holds about 25 oz's.

How much does one ton of oil weigh?

2,000 lbs

How many drops of oil are in a quart?

One US quart is 18,927 drops.

When the oil level is below the add line on the dipstick how much oil should be added?

It is usually one quart from add to full.

How much does palm oil weigh?

One litre of palm oil wight 910 Grams

How much oil in a 2005 Harley Davidson dyna lowrider?

Three quarts of motor oil, one quart of primary oil and 24 ounces of transmission oil.

How much does one gallon of gear oil weigh?

7.53 lbs

How many pounds does one quart of water weigh?

One quart of water weighs approximately 2 pounds. This means a gallon of water would weigh approximately 8 pounds.

One quart of oil pollutes how much drinking water?

Water is generally considered polluted by oil once the oil concentration exceeds 10mg/L. All considerations of oil density minimized, this is about 1 quart per 25,000 gallons of water

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