Weight and Mass

How much does one quart of oil weigh?

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2015-12-19 17:32:00

As well as hydrocarbon oils, there are also plant oils, so the

variation in densities is enormous.

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2015-07-27 19:11:36

If you are concerned about motor oil the density is about 888.1

g/l at 20C (room temperature). It is heavier at 0 C and lighter at

40 C but not by much. A quart is essentially the same as a litre.

888 g weighs a bit less than 2 lb.

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2015-07-27 15:32:51

Oil is not a uniform substance but a mixture of different

hydrocarbons. Their relative proportion differs from source to

source and, as a result, the density of oil varies by almost a

quarter. It is therefore not possible to give a sensible


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