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How much does renters insurance cost?

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2011-12-02 22:31:39

Renter's insurance is available to people in many areas of the

country, but it is not available in all areas. Renter's insurance

usually covers only the personal possessions of the renter and does

not cover any damage to the physical property itself. Insurance

costs vary depending on the location of the property and the amount

of personal possessions you want to insure. A local agent can give

you a close estimate of the costs of insuring an apartment in New

York City.

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2010-11-11 02:25:56

The answer completely depends on where the property is, how big

it is, and all other kinds of actuarial data that insurance

companies use. It is usually less expensive than both auto and

homeowners in the same area. Best thing you can do is pick up the

phone and call a few companies. If you don't know you're renting

yet, just make up something similar to what you want to rent to get

a ballpark number. Insurance agents can give you a quote in five

minutes. Call more than one, but if you are comparing, make sure

it's for the same coverages and deductibles.

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