How much does the Mormon Church collect in tithing each year?

Members of the Mormon church give 10% of their income to the Church to help build new temples, keep current churches and materials in shape, and attend other necessities.

== == Not only do Mormons pay tithing, but also have the opportunity to contribute to Fast Offering, to help the poor and needy; missionary funds to assist the missionaries; the Book of Mormon fund to help with its publication; Humanitarian Aid to help the needy in other countries; the Temple Construction fund; the Perpetual Education fund to assist youngsters to receive an education, particularly in very disadvantaged areas. The church has it own farms and distribution centers where articles of food, clothing and the like are sent to countries and people in need everywhere. Millions of dollars worth of goods are sent around the world every year. When there is a need to assist, you will find the Mormon church at the forefront. And you will not hear of it, either ... there are no fanfares, just love in action. == == The Mormon church does not distribute a financial statement yearly, even to its own members. See link below for more information.