How much does the average NCO military officer get paid?

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NCOs (Noncommissioned Officers) are officers, the only difference between NCO's and Officers is that officers are commissioned by the President of the United Stated. There is no such thing as an 'average' NCO in regards to pay. Rank (in the US Army) progresses from Corporal(E-4) to Sergeant Major of the Army (E-9), and their pay is based on pay grade and time in service. See Base Pay.
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How much correctional officers get paid?

These numbers are for California.. $3,050 during paid Training Academy. $3,774 after successfully completing the Academy. 5% raise every year until you max out at $6144. This will take you 10 years, baring any "extra" merit raises ( if such things exist ).. Source ( Full Answer )

Does an officer address ncos as gentleman?

some times, but usually as Sgt, regard less of rank, [exceptions] first sgt, or a sgt major, there addressed as first sgt or TOP and sgt major, are addressed as sgt major.

How much does a gymnast get paid on average?

Answer . Gymnasts in the United States receive income from sponsors which pays their living and training expenses and allows them to train for international and Olympic events. In the former Soviet Union gymnasts were paid according to their accomplishments. Olympic and World Championships medals ( Full Answer )

How much do military Recruiters get paid?

The same as ever other soldier in the Military, it is based on their rank and time in service. Recruiters do not receive a bonus or additional money for a contract, being that Military Recruiters do not write contracts (MEPS does) they do not get anything extra.

How much does a police officer get paid?

Police officers are paid according to the civil service pay scale for their position which can vary widely depending on what state and what area of the country they work in. Check you local department if you are interested. It varies by department and rank and can be anywhere between $24,000 to $75, ( Full Answer )

How much do you get paid in the military?

It all depends on your rank. Enlisted get paid far less than officers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well the above answer is right. But there are many ranks in the military. Each one has a different pay grade a ( Full Answer )

How much does the average nurse get paid?

The national average from May 2009 is $66,530. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for registered nurses as of May 2008 is, $65,130. This would amount to $31.31 per hour.

How much do gang unit officers get paid?

Gang unit officers are police officers who specialize in trackingand working to stop gang activity. The average salary in the UnitedStates for a police officer is 52,000 dollars.

How much do correctional officers get paid a year?

they get paid 5000 dollars a month depending on the amount of hours they have worked throughout the monthly time period. They receive $65 each month for successfully completing the physical test and $135 each month if they have been a correctional officer for over 5 years.

How much does the average footballer get paid?

everyone knows how much footballers get paid and the best rightfully do. i mean try and take the ball of Lionel messi or ronaldo and see how far you get! average footballer gets paid around 1500£ as non league players don't get paid

How much do office juniors get paid?

Office juniors are paid around 32,000 dollars a year. They completebasic tasks such as filing, making copies, coffee and being ageneral errand person.

How much does a police officer get paid a year?

Hello, That's a nice question but the answer to that is very difficult, as it depends on your age, your rank of profession, and how many arrests/pull ups/ and other things you do on a daily basis. If all of those are average, your pay could be about $.9K ( $900 ) There are so many different ( Full Answer )

How much does the average musician get paid?

The normal pay of a musician can be from 0$-50,000. Depending on the type, style, and structure. . The normal pay of a musician can be from 0$-50,000. Depending on the type, style, and structure.

How much do military nurses get paid?

Acoording to: Average US Navy Nurse Salary in Dallas, TX: $32000. According to: Nurses can make up to around $53,000 annually.

How much do marine officers get paid a year?

2nd lieutenant under 2 years is around $2,655/month. Major is around $4,065/month. Major-General $9,000/month. That's gross income, still gotta pay Sammy.

How much do rspca officers get paid?

RSPCA inspectors, investigate and help prevent cruelty to animals.RSPCA student inspectors start at £20,838 a year. Qualifiedinspectors earn £25,460 a year. This is just a rough guide on howmuch they earn.

How much do marine officers get paid?

it depends on ranks and year in service, starting out you can expect to make about 36,000 but with in 6 year you can expect to make up to 50,000-120,000

About how much money does a military officer make?

Never enough during a time of War and always far more than they deserve according to the "bean counters" in times of Peace. See the link below for the current Military Pay Scales.

How much does jag corp officers get paid?

after the six months of initial training, a jag mKes about $40,000, plus about $600 for basic use with your free housing, and a couple hundred for BAS( bas allowance for sustinence).

How much do prison officers get paid?

17,187 basic start pay but some prison officers receive an additional pay allowance ranging from 1000 to 2500 depending on prison location and category.

How much do Undercover Police Officer get paid?

Nationwide, the average annual income for an undercover policeofficer is $68,000. The average annual income for an undercoverpolice officer in New York City is $93,000.

How much does a new military recruit get paid?

A new recruit will not be entitled to their first paycheck and or benefits until they have shipped for Basic Training/Boot camp. Now it will also depend on which Rank/Pay Grade you have enlisted as, each branch has its own opportunities for promotions while in the Delayed Entry Program, ask your rec ( Full Answer )

How much does a marine officer get paid?

An officer just entering service will make just over $2,900 permonth. A major general with over 16 years of service will have anincreased pay of over $12,000 per month.

How much do navy officers get paid?

Navy personnel are paid on the same pay scale and other Military personnel. The amount is based on the rank and the time in service. There are also bumps for dependents and hazardous duty pay..

How much does a Navy Seals officer get paid?

Generally the same as officers of the same rank and time in service. Differences taken into account would be hazardous duty and hostile fire pay.

How much does a 4 year officer get paid?

If they have been an NYPD officer for four years there pay check is probably 50,000 to 60,000 a year depending on the hours and the amount of years they went to college.

How much were the Nazi officers paid?

The low-ranking ones weren't paid very much. Probably only like 4-5bucks an hour. The officials, on the other hand, were paid well.Well, depending on how much 'work' they did. I say 'work' becausetheir only "responsibility" was being unimaginably savage toinnocent people.

How Much does the average GP get paid?

They get paid around £1,200/£3,000 depending on how high up you are, also if you are a private clinic in America it could be in excess of $7,000. In the UK however you can earn around £60-£100 for every injection you give out so you are looking at earning £55,000/£98,000+. Either w ( Full Answer )

How much does an average wrestler get paid in the WWE?

A lot of the lower end guys, below mid card, make like 100,000/yr, higher end guys can make a lot, like Randy Orton got at least 500,000 for his check JUST from his wrestlemania Match.. so it varies alot, they dont have like 1,000,000 salaries, but can make waaay over that if they are Main Event and ( Full Answer )

How much does a lawyer get paid on average?

There really isn't a good "average," and if there were, it wouldn't be very meaningful. Pay depends on what specialty they are in, their experience, what kind of practice they have, and what area they are living in. An experienced solo practitioner of family law in a remote area might make $150 per ( Full Answer )

In the military if the adjutant is an NCO are officers required to follow his orders?

The Adjutant would not be an NCO. The NCOIC might have to fill in for the adjutant, for example, when the previous adjutant has been reassigned, and they're waiting on the replacement to arrive, but would never actually be the adjutant. If an NCO found themselves in such a role, they would have so ( Full Answer )

How much does an average engineer get paid?

It depend on the kind of Mechanical Engineering Shop you working at: some average engineer worker get pay $ 10 per hour while the manager is pay $ 50-60 per hour. You will have to define the term engineer. It may be the operator of equipment that has an engine, such as a locomotive or a crane- or ( Full Answer )

How much do police officers get paid in a hour?

two donuts per hour. ==== Please do not make any inappropriate O.P.P. Benefits and Pay Table 1: O.P.P. Salary Grid Position Service Time Salary (per year) Cadet $ 32,436.00 Probationary Constable 0 -- 12 months $ 41,684.00 Constable 12 -- 18 months $ 53,148.00 18 -- 24 months $ 60,744.0 ( Full Answer )

How much do Bollywood STARS get paid on average?

Bollywood stars get paid in crores on an average for a bollywood movies. That seems alot but that isnt because of the amount of hard work they do is great. Certainly they feel good when people like their movies.

How much money do general office get paid?

It will depend on what the company will set your wage at as to how much you will get paid for General Office. Some companies vary in pay, ranging from minimum wage to a pay over the minimum wage. I recommend checking with the Payroll office to see what their pay rate is.

How much are pensioners paid on average?

How much pensioners are paid vary from country to country. It would depend on the pensioners' income, assets and other circumstances. Additional payments on top on this are available.

How much does a military sniper get paid a year?

They're paid in accordance with their rank and corresponding paygrade, not their occupation. Furthermore, we would need to knowwhich military you were talking about in order to even begin to tryanswering this question - not all military forces have equal pay.