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Jermaine o'neal of the Indiana Pacers has a contract of 110 million for 5 years.

Kevin Garnett is paid 28 million a year.

Allen Iverson gets 12.5 million a year.

Small beer. Ferrari's Michael Schumacher trucks $60 million a year to the bank.

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Q: How much does the highest-paid sports star in the world earn?
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How much does a sports physio earn in a year?

THEY EARN £100,000,000,000,000,000 A YEAR

Do sports people earn too much money?

Teachers should earn more than sports people!

How much does a sports person earn?

ALOT!!! Baseball,basketball and football earn alot. in the millions

Who was the highest paid sports athlete in 2000 and how much did they earn?


How much money do sports journalists earn?

1 million dollar

How much does a sales assistant in jd sports earn?

Im Not Sure

How much do sports psychologists earn in South Africa?

When a person is deciding on their career it is important to know the salary made with that career. A sports psychologist can earn $45,000-80,000 a year.

How much dose a nursery teacher earn?

Department of education,culture and sports

How much money does a sports physical therapist earn?

== == In England, you can earn between 18000 pounds and 30000 pounds In England a sports therapist earns 18000 pounds to 30000 pounds

How much does a radio announcer earn?

Radio sports announcers earn an average annual salary of $30,236. The average salary for television sports announcers is more than double at $62,992.

How much do sports engineers earn?

They make 125,000 to 150,00 thousand a year and they can progress up to be a excutive and earn up to 200,000

How much money does a sports engineer earn yearly?

The average sports engineer earns about 112,500 dollars a year. Thats awesome

How much money does a sports writer earn?

A base salary of 28,000; but that's for small writers.

How much money do sports agents earn per year?

They make 1$ per year.

How much money does a sport psychologist earn?

about 9 trillion pounds a day im a sports psychologist and I earn 10 trillion pounds a day

Do male athletes earn more than female athletes?

In most main sports, yes. Men's sports are much more popular then women's.

How much does a sports nutritionist earn?

With a bachelors degree in nutrition in a normal sized city (1-2 million) you should expect to earn about $37,000 a year.

How much a physiotherapist earn in India how can i found sports training with a team?

around 250 US $ a month

How much does John Madden earn as a sports commentator?

h8goguikopl[okftrdesykilop[;'osd h8goguikopl[okftrdesykilop[;'osd

How much does a sports physical therapist earn in the US of America?

anywhere from $38,000 a year to $120,000 a year

How much money do sports therapists earn evey year?

The median expected salary in the U.S. is $75,081.

How much does a sports reporter get paid?

It depends on who the sports reporter is working for. National reporters can earn six figures while the average salary for a sports reporter is just under $35,000 per year.

How much money do sports people earn?

soccer players in the top teams could earm from 10,000 to 150,000

How much does Jake Delhomme earn per season?

FOX Sports reports Jake Delhomme's 2007 salary at $4,785,000.

How much money can you earn with a degree in sports management?

you will earn 10% or if your luckier 15% of your athletes salary if he make 10 million you get 1 million like that its unlimited it depends on the athlete.