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Typically, the first time a woman has sex, her hymen -- a thin membrane on the walls of the vagina -- breaks, and she bleeds a little. But a lot of other things can break it too. Most often, tampons break it. But it can also happen from horseback riding and Mountain Biking and stuff.

The amount of blood varies for each woman. I would like to think that your fear is not representative of you being scared. I think it represents your intelligence. When the time is right for YOU, I am sure you will not be fearful at all. It is a big decision, and you no doubt have a great deal of pressure on you. From your boyfriend, girlfriends and yourself. We all did. Most of us will probably admit to making a hasty decision and wish that we had waited longer. Male or female. Good luck in your decision.

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Q: How much does the hymen bleed the first time because your friend said her first time there was tons of blood but things you read said there is barely any and you want to have sex but you're scared?
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