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How much does the military pay for technology?


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This figure isn't available because no one want's to disclose what types of new weaponry is planned for the wars of the future. It is huge. China for example has the world's largest standing army, more than five times as large as the US, and yet the US spends more than four times as much on military expenditures.

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I think what and how much they will pay for depends on what you are going to school for and how long you have been in the military. If you do decide to have the military pay for your schooling, however, you will be obligated to remain in the military for a certain amount of time.

todays people pay so much attention to the media because of the development of technology and how technology has spread everywhere we go.

yes and no depends on the military and how much they can spend on each branch.

Your base pay in the military depends on the rank that you have and how many years you have been in. It can range from 2,000 a month to much more.

I believe the military will pay for it

It depends on your rank, and experience. all branches of the military are based on the same pay chart, just google 2010 military pay chart, and that will tell you the pay for all military persons.

I very much doubt it. But check with the military IT department first!

Im assuming your talking about the United States Military. Here Is the link to the military pay chart. .navycs.com/2011-military-pay-chart.html Consider that's only basic pay. You'll likely get just as much, tax free, from other sources of pay such as housing allowance, subsistence pay, etc. Also after a while you can add on family separation pay, sea service pay, hazardous duty pay, reenlistment bonuses. It's a well kept secret how well the military is paid.

Military Vehicle Technology Foundation was created in 1998.

probably starting from 65,000 - 100,000

Yes, the military can pay for your school. You will have to join the military and you will go to a military college but you will get a degree!

Dual military depends on their pay grade. It is Base pay x2, Basic Allowance for Housing x1.5, and other various allowances like separate rations, etc.

People in the military receive their pay based on how many years they have been in the military and how high their rank is. Base pay for a private with less than 2 years of experience is slightly less than 20,000 dollars per year.

Pay is based upon their rank (pay-grade) NOT their duty description (job).

tecnology applied in military means the improvmet on military example improvement in guns and other fighting equipment

Technology has been around longer than the military so I would say from the beginning.

Around 50,000 a year depends on your job.

It depends on that persons rank. he would make the same amount of money as anyone else in the military of the same pay grade. it does not matter what you do in the military, all jobs pay the same.Type your answer here...

You need to be more specific in your questions. There is flight pay, combat pay, then there is the military pay scale, dislocation allowance, housing allowance, subistance pay, professional pay. All this information is public knowledge and can easily found by doing a web search.

In the military you get paid by rank and if you are in a war zone the pay is a bit higher. When you first go into the military you are the lowest rank so you get the lowest pay.

Civil War technology was video, pictures, letters and articles. Earlier military technology did not have video and only depended on letter and pictures.

Military astronauts get paid their standard military pay. They are on loan from their service branch to NASA. Most choose to remain with their military bnranch throughout their NASA career. Civilian astronauts get paid on a Civil Service pay scale. Again, it's not much, they they get benefits to make up for the lack of pay.

Go to the site below and or do a web search for military pay table. Military pay table is freely available for everyone to look at. http://www.dfas.mil/militarypay/militarypaytables.html

They can make up to 100-130K per year. The militarycould pay very well.

No. But You Can Pay bills for technology.

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