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sony laptops are very good quality, it would really depend on how old it is and the condition of it. but a used sony vaio laptop could sell from $200 - $1000.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-19 23:38:24
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Q: How much does the Sony laptop VAIO sale for used?
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Is a Sony Vaio Laptop available for sale at Best Buy?

Yes the Sony Vaio Laptop is available at Best Buy.There is a wide variety of models to pick from and different prices with the discounts and sales also.

Sony Vaio Laptop for Students?

For a laptop such as this one, I'd recommend visiting They have various laptops for sale made by Sony, IBM, Gateway, and Alienware, and they're always on sale!

I need to find good sony vaio laptop deals for my company?

The best Sony Vaio laptop deals are found right on Sony's website, www., during the sale periods. Additionally, Sony has been known to give discounts for large purchases, but you would need to purchase around 50 computers first.

Can Sony Vaio cases be bought directly from Sony?

Yes, Sony Vaio cases can be bought directly from Sony from their website store. They have a list of different Vaio cases available for sale and they start at $50.

What is a good price for a used Sony Vaio UX?

Amazon has a used Sony Vaio Ux for sale for $420. The Sony Vaio Ux is a small PC that fits in one's hand, has a 4.5 inch touchscreen and a hidden keyboard.

What are the best Sony Laptops?

The best laptops from Sony that have great gaming performances are in the Vaio F series. They have powerful Intel Core processors in them. Sony has a gaming bundle that costs around $1400 that is now on sale for around $1100.

How much does an Xbox laptop costs?

the xbox laptop is a modified xbox console and is not for sale in stores

Where is roll top laptop for sale by Sony?

not yet; they're still working on it. i really hope it wont take too long!

Where can one find Sony Vaio notebook computers on special?

There are a number of online and retail locations where Sony Vaio notebook computers can be found for special prices. Some of these include eBay, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Future Shop. Sony products can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website. As products on sale will vary from week to week, it is likely best to check local flyers or online sites to see where the best price can be found.

How much is the sony mp3 cd at Best Buy for sale?

Sony MP3 players routinely go on sale at Best Buy. Right now, you can get a Sony MP3 player for as little as $119.99, with a $20 mail in rebate. This sale ends 4th of July weekend.

Where can one buy affordable Sony laptops for sale online?

Cheap Sony Laptops, especially in the VAIO range, can be bought from a number of online retailers that specialise in electronics, such as Tesco, John Lewis, the official Sony website, and Laptops Direct. They can also be bought from retailers such as Amazon, and even in local stores like PC World and Currys.

How much would a Sony laptop cost?

Purchasing any electronic device is a personal decision. You should make a list of the features that are necessary and then build your price point from there. There are many laptops for sale, at an affordable price.

What are the brands available for laptop computers at Best Buy?

Best Buy has many different laptop computer brands available to purchase. Some of the brands Best Buy has for sale are Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony.

What year did the first ever Sony discman go on sale?

the first sony discman was put on sale in 1984.

Where can one find a Sony PSP for sale online?

One can find a Sony PSP for sale online directly through the Sony webpage, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, and Kijji. Future Shop and Best Buy also has the Sony PSP available for sale online.

How much the price of Sony Ericsson w595? SHANE'S ANSWER: Sony Ericsson is on SALE. W395 is 5990 pesos or 123 dollars.

How does one find a laptop that is on sale?

To find a laptop that is on sale, just look through the many websites that are selling laptops. Newegg, Amazon or even the laptop manufacturer's own site may have laptops on sale!

Where can one find Sony DAT tapes on sale?

A number of online retailers offer SONY DAT tapes on sale. One such online retailer is amazon. They have a large selection and offer competitive prices on SONY tapes.

Where can I buy a computer laptop for sale?

You will find several websites that have them listed for sale. You might also try and for such items. Depending on what brand laptop you wish to purchase, you can go to the brand of laptop site and they usually have used ones for sale, such as

Where can one find a cheap Sony camera for sale online?

Sony cameras are very reliable and sturdy cameras. The deals for this cameras can be found at Futureshop, Best Buy or TigerDirect. These store frequently offer Sony Cameras on sale.

Researching Different Laptop Computers on Sale?

Have you been struggling to learn more about the different laptop computers on sale in your area? You shouldn't restrict yourself to just your region. There are actually many of these items for sale online at prices that can often be much lower than you would find in stores around the country.

What store is offering the best computer laptop sale?

Best buy is the ultimate shopping store for purchasing a laptop. If you prefer a cheaper sale, you can always purchase a laptop from the manufacturer's website such as

Where can I find a mobile laptop desk?

You have a great selection of mobile laptop desk for sale on

How much do average quality laptop bags cost?

There is a pretty big range for quality laptop bags. When they are on sale, you can get a pretty good laptop bag for around 50 bucks. A quality laptop bag should be costing you less than 100 bucks though. Targus is a good brand for laptop bags.

When did the first Sony MP3 player go on sale?