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All U.S. paper money weighs 1 gram. 1 pound = 454 grams

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How much does a 100 pound note weigh?

It weighs nothing because there is no such thing as a £100 note.

Value of 100 dollar Japanese note?

There is no 100 dollar Japanese note

How much does a 100 dollar bill weigh?

cool it weigh 100kg ha ha ha

Who is featured on the 100 dollar note?

Ben Franklin is featured on the 100 dollar note

How much does 100 1 dollar bills weigh?

If 1 one dollar bill weigh 1 gram, just do the math on 100 dollars..

How much is a 1914 50 mark note worth?

100 us dollar

How much does a million dollars in 20 dollar bills weigh?

100 pounds

Who is on the New Zealand 100 note?

lord Rutherford is on the 100 dollar note

Who is the guy on a hundred dollar note?

Benjamin Franklin is on the US 100 dollar note.

How much is a 100 dollar Chinese bill worth in America?

A 100 dollar Chinese bill (sic) will be worth $100 in America. A Chinese 100-yuan note in America will be worth about $12.

What is a 100 Dollar US Note worth?

It is worth $100.

How much does one dollar in 2009 pennies weigh?

2.5 grams X 100= 250 grams

Who is one the 100 dollar note?


What colour is New Zealand's 100 dollar note?

The New Zealand $100 note is predominantly red.

Who is the person on the 100 dollar note?

Benjamin Franklin

If you had a stack with 1000000 dollars in 100 dollar bills how much would it weigh?

It would weigh about 22.05 pounds (each bill weighs 1 gram).

What is the value of a 100 dollar Series 2001 star note?

100 dollars

Whose picture is on US 100 dollar currency note?

Benjamin Franklin is pictured on the US 100 dollar bill.

How much does 100 grand in hundred dollAr bills weigh?

2.2 pounds. One million weighs 22 lbs.

How many milligrams does a dollar bill weigh?

A dollar bill weighs 2.87 grams

How much is 100 Oman in us dollar?

how much 100 us dollar in oman riyal

Who and what is on the NZ 100 dollar note?

sir chew Sid

Face on the 100 dollar US note?

Benjamin Franklin.

How much does 1 dollar in nickels weigh?

There are 20 nickels (20*5 cents) in one dollar. US nickels weigh 5.00 gm each, so a dollar's worth weigh 20*5 =100 gm. Canadian nickels weigh 3.95 gm each, so a dollar would be 20*3.95 = 79 gm.

Is Jean Batten on the 50 Dollar note or the 100 Dollar note?

Jean Batten does not currently appear on any New Zealand banknote.