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depends. how big is the green pepper

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How much dried black pepper can be used as a substitute for one fresh green bell pepper?

Dried black pepper and fresh green bell peppers are way different from each other. You can't substitute one for the other and still make the recipe work.

How much chili powder equals 1 dried chili pepper?

Adam Green is a soulless ginger and he does not know the answer

What is the difference between a green pepper and black pepper?

A green pepper is not a pepper, but a fruiting vegetable with a soft flesh.

What could you use instead of ground black pepper?

white or red pepper as well as green pepper

Why did your green pepper turn black?

why did the green peppers turn black during the growing process in the garden

What is a long pepper?

Long pepper (Piper longum), (Pippali), sometimes called Indian long pepper, is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. Long pepper has a similar, but hotter, taste to its close relative Piper nigrum - from which black, green and white pepper are obtained. The word pepper itself is derived from the Tamil/Malayalam word for long pepper, pippali.

Are whole black pepper and peppercorns the same?

The two terms are not necessarily the same. Whole black peppers are peppercorns, but not all peppercorns are black pepper. Some peppercorns are pink, red, green, or white pepper.

Scientific name of herbal plant pepper?

Black Pepper is: Piperaceae, Piper nigrum, The red/green/chili/etc. pepper is capsicum.

How does green pepper look like?

green pepper looks like green pepper

What is called green pepper in Telugu?

Miriyaalu is pepper... miriyappodi is pepper powder green is aakupaccha green pepper is aakupaccha miryaalu

Is pepper acidic?

Red, green, and yellow peppers are slightly acidic. Black pepper contains acid as well as being acid producing. Black pepper stimulates your stomach to increase hydrochloric acid secretion.

How many cups in one large green pepper?

The amount of cups in one large green pepper will vary from pepper to pepper. Not every green pepper is the same size. One cup is equal to 8 ounces of green pepper.

Is pepper masculine or feminine in French?

Pepper is spelled "poivre" in French (for the dried berries used as a condiment), or "poivron" for the red or green fruit. Both poivre and poivron are masculine nouns in French.

What food group is pepper in?

Piper nigrum (black, white or green peppercorns) is a berry.

How many cups of chopped green pepper in a medium green pepper?

you can get almost one cup of green peppers from a medium chopped green pepper.

What is the Yield of green pepper plant?

what is the avarage yeild of a green pepper

What kinds of pepper corn are there?

I'm familiar with dent corn, flint corn, sweet corn and popcorn, but I can't find any references to pepper corn. However, there are numerous references to peppercorn, all of which are various treatments of the Black pepper (piper nigrum) plant, a native of southern India. The berries from this plant can be harvested at different stages of maturity to produce white, green, or black pepper. Peppercorns are just dried whole berries that have not yet been ground up.

What is slivered sweet green pepper?

A "sweet green pepper" would be a bell pepper or a cherry pepper. "Slivered" would be slicing it thinly.

Where do green pepper come from?

---- where do green pepper come from? please awser as fast as you can!

Can goats eat green pepper?

Yes goats can eat green pepper.

Is green pepper a vegetable?

Yes a green pepper is a vegtable ask anybody.

What part of the plant does the green pepper come from?

Green pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant and as all fruits comes from the ovule of the flower.

What percentage of water does a green pepper have?

green pepper is about 75%full of water.....................hope this helps

Is pepper a flower?

No. Both kinds of pepper were started in a flower, which was pollinated and grew the pepper fruits. Yes, technically they are fruits, even though we classify black pepper as a spice and all the fleshy peppers, hot, sweet, green, red, as vegetables.

How do you prepare and plant green pepper seeds fresh from a green pepper?

green pepper seeds are too immature to grow. The pepper must first mature and turn red, then when you use it just save the seeds inside

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