How much dry food should you give a two year old male cat?

No cat should ever be fed dry cat food as it can lead to diseases such as diabetes, which has become an epidemic in the US since dry cat food has become commercially available.

Because your cat is male, it is especially vital to make sure he is thoroughly hydrated. Male cats are much more susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTI's) which is often caused by not enough water over a period of time.

Dry food contains no moisture, so is quite dehydrating. Cats are notoriously bad drinkers, even when they are thirsty. This is because they have evolved to get all their needed moisture from their prey (their ancestors were cats that lived in very dry and arid environments where water was hard to come by). It is a trait that has been passed down over the thousands of years.

Canned or pouched food has anywhere between 60 to 80% water. Seeing as in the wild a cat's prey is around 70% water, wet food provides a cat with more than enough water each day.

Your cat should eat canned or wet food that is low in carbs if you want a truly healthy cat. Any amount of dry food is not good, even when combined with canned food. Dry food is junk food, and just as we humans would prefer to eat potato chips over healthier options, cats will choose dry food over canned because the food has been enhanced to make it taste better and more appealing than canned or wet food.

Cats are strict carnivores, meaning they do not need vegetables, fruits or grains in their diets to be healthy. Look for food that is has little to none of these items in the food.

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