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dry pasta doubles in weight once cooked, 225/2=112.5

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Q: How much dry pasta do you need to make 225g of cooked pasta?
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How much cooked pasta can you make from one pound of dry pasta?

You can make one pound of cooked pasta from one pound of dry pasta.

How much dry pasta to make 8 ounces of cooked pasta?

4 oz

How much cooked pasta does 75g dried make?


How much cooked pasta does 40g dried make?

Most pastas double in weight when cooked.

How much dried pasta makes 100g of cooked pasta?

100g of dried pasta makes about 240g of cooked pasta. So roughly 40g

How much does 1 cup cooked pasta weigh?

Pasta is all different weight.Specify which pasta

How much pasta do you need for pasta salad to feed 30 people?

It depends what else they are having, but I would make at least 10-12 pounds cooked pasta.

How much is 375g of uncooked pasta make in cooked pasta?

It depends on the exact kind of pasta, but roughly, 375 Gm would become 550-800 grams.

How much carbohydrate is in 100g of cooked pasta and spaghetti?

There are about 75 grams of carbs in 100 grams of dry pasta and about 30 in 100 grams of cooked pasta.

How much marinara sauce should you make for 10 lbs cooked pasta?

about 20 million cans of it.

Can a pet rat eat cooked pasta?

Yes. But too much of that type of food will make them overweight.

How much dry pasta equals 2 cups of cooked pasta?

To get 2C of cooked pasta, the rule of thumb is to use half of what you need in dry pasta. Therefore, you would need about 1C dry pasta to get 2C of cooked pasta.Another measure would be weight, where the rule of thumb is that 2oz dry pasta makes about 1C of cooked pasta. Therefore, you would need 4oz dry to get 2C cooked pasta.

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