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you need qualifications!

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Q: How much education do you need to be a vet technician?
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Related questions

What education and training does a vet need?

a vet need's a profetional vet to train with

Do you need a college education to be a veternary?

Yes you need a college education to be a vet

What is the required education for a vet assistant?

Typically a high school education (however not required) and short-term on-the-job training. This is not to be confused with a veterinary technician or technologist where the educational requirements are much more extensive.

What kind of education do you need to be a vet?

You need a vet medicine degree, and 8+ years of college.

Do you need a grade twelve education to become a vet?

Yes, you need your grade twelve education to become a vet, along with schooling from University.

What is the difference in vet technician and pre -vet?

A Vet-Tech is a worker under a veterinarian kind of like a nurse. Where as a Pre-vet student is in their undergraduate college education with pre-vet as a major. Having a Pre-vet major is when you take on a pre-designed educational course of study so you are well prepared for you Graduate education as a Vet Student.

How many years of school to become a vet technician?

it takes 8 years to be a vet technician

Are vet tech schools competitive to get into, or can anyone get in?

The Department of Labor suggests that verterinary technician education isn't all that competitive.

How much education required for vet school?

You require 8 years of education

Do you have to study animal science to be a vet?

To be an actual vet Yes, be not to be a vet technician.

does a vet technician need training?

a verterinary technician usually does have to undergo certain training to become certified in teh field and be able to practice with the proper licensing.

What is difference between Doctor of vet medicine and vet technician?

First is an MD, the 2d only requires some experience (hands on) working with a vet but is much less pay.

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