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Q: How much electricity does a 42 in LCD TV use?
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How much electricity does a Toshiba LCD 42 TV consume?

LCD TVs actually have a very low power consumption ratio. Over the course of a year of average television viewing a Toshiba 42 inch LCD TV will use about $8 to $10 of electricity.

How much does a 42 inch Phillips LCD TV weigh?

how much does a 42 inch phillips lcd television weigh

How much would it cost to replace the lcd sceen on a 42 inch vizio lcd television?

almost as much as a new one

How much does a 42 inch LCD TV cost?

The price of a 42 inch LCD TV varies from model to model. The price at Walmart for a 42 inch Spectre LCD TV is $328.00. One can purchase an LG 86LM9600 from All Time TVs for $12,219.00.

How much electricity does a Toshiba 42 LCD TV cost to run?

This URL should help you...............

How much electricity is produced by wind?

42 pints of electricity

How much does it cost to purchase a Sharp 42 LCD TV?

A new Sharp 42 inch LCD TV can be bought for a price of $699.99 from the Amazon website. One can also buy a used Sharp LCD TV for a reduced price. The Amazon website has a used Sharp LCD TV for the price of$450.00.

How many hertz does the jvc 42 LT42PM30 lcd tv have?

The jvc 42 LT42PM30 lcd tv has 60 hertz.

How much electricity does a regular tv use?

'Electricity' is not a quantity, so you cannot ask 'how much'! What you should be asking is, "What is the power rating of a regular television?"The answer is straightforward. All appliances, including television sets, have a nameplate attached -check out that nameplate, and it will specify the power rating.The power rating depends on the size of screen and whether it is CRT or LCD.A small 19" LCD uses 40 watts, a 42" will draw 100 watts, or about the same as an incandescent light bulb

How much does the Samsung 42 LCD cost on Amazon?

The Samsung 42 LCD television costs $1313 on It also has an extra charge of $70.74 for shipping. You can look at other websites to see if you can find a better price though.

What is the LCD of 6 and 7?

The LCD of 6 and 7 is 42

What is the LCD for 6 and7?

LCD(6, 7) = 42

What is the LCD of 6 and 14?

LCD(6, 14) = 42

Where can I find the best price for a Samsung 42 LCD TV? appears to offer the best price for the 42" lcd on the web. The best price according to the website for the Samsung 42 lcd tv multisystem appears to be $1500.

How much does an lcd tv from comet cost?

It depends on what size of LCD TV that you want. A 42 inch LCD TV costs 399.99 Euros, or a 32 inch JVC LCD TV could be bought for 150 Euros less saving you money.

How many watts does a 42 inch LCD tv use?

It uses 111 watts. When a plasma of 42 inches uses 340 watts way more than a older television that would use 135 watts for 42 inches.

What is the LCD of 6and14?


Dimensions of a 42' LCD TV?

The dimensions of a 42" TV will depend upon the size of the cabinet. Each manufacture of LCD TVS have different cabinets.

The common denominator of 42 and 12?

LCD(12, 42) = 84.

How do LG lcd tvs compare to other brands?

Sony Bravia series of LCD is .. and are of better quality compared to 720p at 1080p Samsung LCDs are much better, plasma truth because I do not like the PC SIMAGENA are not entirely clear when used as a monitor, if only for use as a TV HD if they are highly recommended and more economical in that size as the LCD (42 ")

What is the LCD for 12 and 42?

The LCD of any two (or more) of positive integers is 1

What is the LCD of 42 and 49?


What is the LCD of 14 and 3?


What is LCD of 6 and 7?

its 42

What is the LCD of 6 a 14?