How much electricity does a laptop use in a month?


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it actually depends on what type of laptop you have and how much you use it per month.


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There is no way to tell how much electricity an average restaurant uses per month. The amount of electricity depends on the size of the restaurant and how often it uses its power.

No you cannot connect a TV to a laptop to use it as a charger or to gain electricity. The only thing that happens when you connect a Laptop to a TV is the TV copies what is happening on the laptop.

Define the average person. I use about 500 units per month on average through the year.

becuase if we didn't have electricity we wll not get to watch t.v or use your laptop or phone

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depends on how long you will use you laptop.

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it does not use as much electricity as a xbox 360

Look at your electric bill; it will show how many Kwatts you use.

The same way any other electronic device does.

Approximately 720 kilowatt hours for full time operation. Depending on the price you pay for electricity, that would be around $7 a month to operate full time.

It actually depends on how much you you it so If you use it a lot it's gonna cost a lot and if you use it less it's gonna cost less

It depends on how much electricity you use, and who your supplier is.

By leaving things such as lights on when they are not in use. Even leaving things such as lamps, your laptop, etc plugged in to the wall socket when they are not in use drains and wastes electricity.

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On average, a pellet stove will cost just ten dollars ($10.00) a month to run. Quoted from:

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