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Look at your electric bill; it will show how many Kwatts you use.

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Q: How much electricity does one person use on average per day or month?
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How much electricity does the average person use per month?

Define the average person. I use about 500 units per month on average through the year.

How much electricity does the average person use?

600KW per month has been my average in the Midwest usa.

How much does it cost one person for electricity per month?

It costs about 40-80 dollars for the average person so ya......

How much does an average electricity bill cost?

The average electric bill varies depending on the location and the season. On average, a person pays between 160 dollars and 350 dollars per month on electricity.

How much electricity does an average restaurant use per month?

There is no way to tell how much electricity an average restaurant uses per month. The amount of electricity depends on the size of the restaurant and how often it uses its power.

How much electricity does an average person use?


How much does an average person make in one month?

a average person makes about 2,00

How much electricity does a average house use?

An average house pays approximately £40 a month which is roughly 7500 to 1500 watts a month.

How much did electricity cost in the 1960's?

In 1960 the average electric bill was 42 cents per person per week. This averaged out to about $2.00 a month per person.

How much electricity does the average Canadian home use?

About 1600 kWh per month.

Average Electricity bill in Atlanta GA?

The average electricity bill is around 120 a month in Atlanta. This depends on square footage of your house or apartment and how much electricity you use.

How much electricity does an average person use in their bedroom?

Depends Depends

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