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It varies a lot, depending on the size of the TV, also on the technology. The big bulky (CRT) television sets use more energy than the modern flat-screens. Look around the television set; somewhere, perhaps on the back, there should be a small firmly attached sticker with the electrical specifications. If it doesn't tell you the number of watts the set uses, look for amperes and volts, and multiply both to get watts.

As LCD technology advances, the power consumption for televisions is falling. Where a CRT television could use 200 Watts, an LCD version is typically around 100W for a 37 inch. Larger screens will inevitably use rather more but even at 50", the power consumption is only around 150W for many screens.

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Q: How much energy does a TV use?
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How much energy does a TV use per hour?

300 watts

Ways to conserve solar energy?

we could use less energy by not not using the TV so much or by turning of the lights when not in use.

Does an led tv use much more energy than an lcd?

No they use less. Plasma tv use much more then CCFl LCD or LED LCD.

How much energy does a TV take use?

About 33 watts depending on the size

Do flat screen TVs use much more energy than regular TVs?

Flat screen TVs do not use more energy than regular TVs. Actually they use less energy. As flat screen TVs normally have much bigger screen and old type conventional TVs, they have higher consumption due to bigger size.

How much energy does a Plasma wide screen TV use?

an average plasma screen tv usesas much as a small heater

How much energy does your television use?

It wastes about enough to burn a kettle for 20 minutes

Is LCD tv more costly energy use?

When compared to a plasma, no. Plasma tv's use much more energy. However, LED technology is the most cost efficient.

What energy does TV use?

A TV uses electrical energy.

Does a tv use thermal energy?

A television, and other household equipment, use electrical energy.

What kind of energy does a tv use?

elictical energy

How much energy does a 32 tv use?

If it conforms to Version 5.1 of the Energy Star Program Requirements, a 32" TV (16:9 aspect ratio) would use only 55 Watts or less, according to the document at Anybody have a range for how much non-energy star units use?

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