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Only about 10% of the energy available at one level of the food chain is available for use by organisms in the next level.

For example, if you begin with an energy level of 2000, only 200 would be available at the next level, 20 at the next, and 2 at the next.


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Trophic levels are the positions of organisms in a food chain. Energy is transferred through the trophic levels through ingestion at each level.

How much food chain energy is passes from one trophic level to the next, tell you in percents

In a food chain and food web the energy is getting reused by the next level so the energy is not being created or distorted, just reused.

90% is used by the organism, 10% is transferred to the successive organism.

it goes through trophic levels (which is each level of the pyramid ot web or chain) The energy changes from each trophic level

No, only about 10-20% of an organism's energy is passed on to the next level of the food chain.

Less energy is obtained. Not all of the energy from the previous level is transferred to the next one

Only 10% of the energy in one level gets to the next. The other 90% is used on movement. If you can figure out how much energy is in one trophic level, you can get how much energy gets to the next level by multiplying it by 0.1

Some energy is lost at each level since not all energy is transferred from the food to the consumer.

90 percent of energy is lost at each level in a food chain.

It depends on the activity of the animal in question but it is usually around 10%.

when heat is provided to an electron it jumps from a lower energy level to a higher energy level.but when heat is not provided it will come back to its own level.

At each lvl animals give off energy through heat, movement or other ways,

one generally eats another. for example sunlight-plant-insect-bird-cat

Food webs are made by a number of food chains. A trophic level is each level in a food chain where energy is transferred from a lower level to higher level. It includes producers, consumers - primary and secondary.

Energy and matter are transferred from one organism to another at the microscopic level.

it can get passed by being eaten and thats how the energy gets through

there is about ten percent of the energy that the next level in the food chain is reciving

It is limited because the energy transferred to the next trophic level is decreased....only 10% is transferred each time. You would eventually run out of energy And because if we or the animals don't eat the earth will be gone

As energy flows through the food chain, 90% of the energy is lost at each trophic level and 10% is passed on.

10% of the energy available at one trophic level is transferred to the next trophic level

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