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Q: How much engine oil is needed for a Toyota landcruiser hzj75 2door utility 4.2l 6cyl diesel 5sp manual 4x4?
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What is the actual size of a 3C Toyota diesel engine?

3.0 diesel engine

Where is the OBD ii port located on a 1999 Toyota Landcruiser?

its is located in right side of engine

What Toyota diesel engine can fit to Toyota 5m Toyota transmission?


Toyota noah 3ce diesel engine po340?

toyota ecu

Why the Toyota 3f Landcruiser I only drive 15o meter then it cut out the engine?

Replace the fuel filter.

Will the Toyota FJ Cruiser get a diesel engine?


How much oil in 1kd-ftv engine?

7.0 Litres including filter according to the toyota landcruiser 120 series manual with the 1kd-ftv engine

Is Toyota engine with Serial num 0687554 an L or a 2L diesel?

L engine

Is a Toyota landcruiser engine the same as a Toyota supra?

They are both inline 6's, but they are slightly different in everything else. Toyota made the engine from the landcruiser to have more torque in the lower engine speeds, and less power in the higher engine speeds. this is good for 4-wheeling and towing and hauling your stuff around. The Bore is probably similar to the supra engine, but i'm pretty sure that the stroke is probably longer, and so the engine out of the landcruiser wouldn't be able to rev as high as the supra engine. The supra engine is made for power in the higher engine speeds, and doesn't need any torque really other than what's required to start up a hill that is paved. The engine revs faster and is also capable of producing more horsepower than the landcruiser engine because of its shorter stroke but increased design modifications

Where are the timing marks on Toyota 2c diesel engine?

Timing Mark for desiel

How do you replace the oil sump sealant in your Toyota 2c engine?

How do you seal a leaking oil sump in 2c toyota diesel engine

What is the power output of a Toyota C Turbo diesel engine?

The Toyota Turbo diesel engine horsepower can range between 180 horsepower and 350 horsepower. The horsepower can be adjusted by the injector pump.

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