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How much episodes does Hannah Montana have?


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You mean, how many episodes does Hannah Montana have.

There are 99 episodes of Hannah Montana in total.

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Yes, Hannah Montana Forever Is The Finale Season Of Hannah Montana

im sure there will be a DVD with all the episodes of Hannah Montana!

After The Movie Hannah Montana i don't think they will be making more episodes of Hannah Montana.

You can find some full Hannah Montana episodes by logging onto your YouTube account, or buying the Hannah DVD's.

$1.99 but dont buy them she sucks

98 episodes and 2 movies

No, she's in United States doing episodes for the show "Hannah Montana."

No there's no more has she have done 13 episodes for Hannah Montana forever and that's it sorry Hannah fans X

Yes there are. But after Season 4, Hannah Montana is over.

Search "list of Hannah Montana episodes" and pick the one from wikipedia.

There is a new episode of Hannah Montana almost every Sunday.

No, Lucas Till is not in any episodes of Hannah Montana. But, he was Miley Stewart's (Miley Cyrus) boyfriend in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Yes. She will not be making anymore Hannah Montana episodes however there will be reruns of all the series

No. Hannah Montana is a fictional character played by Miley Cyrus. So far, no TV show episodes or movies have shown Hannah Montana as married.

it's like they both have a competition in 2 episodes of HANNAH MONTANA TV SERIES

No. According to reports, fourth season. episodes of Hannah Montana will begin airing this summer.

Yes. Not Hannah Montana unless in some episodes but Miley Cyrus does. His name is Justin Gaston.

Not yet but now there is going to be 1 hour long Hannah Montana episodes at the end of the season she will stop doing Hannah Montana shows and only focus on her music.

You probably could and probably can't. But on one of the episodes in Hannah Montana has Amber singing with Hannah and Amber doesn't know that Hannah is really Miley.

They will still show episodes but they will not make any new episodes from now on. They are ending season 4 of Hannah Montana Forever soon by showing the season finale. :(

Yes, she is indeed starring in several Hannah Montana Episodes as a girl at the beach or in Mileys School.

No, they aren't?! Hannah Montana is a fictive character and Selena Gomez is a real person. But Selena plays Mikayla, a young singer, in some Hannah-Montana-episodes.

if you've seen the episodes of Hannah Montana you must know that both of her sisters have appeared in the show her older sister is in the Hannah Montana band and her lil sis has appeared in few of her episodes and they both look alot like her... peace out.............

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