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How much experience and education does a top executive require and what major would one need in college to reach an executive level?

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A top executive generally needs to a have a lot of experience, perhaps up to ten years. The major is not that important, what is important is work experience and a proven track record of excellent leadership.

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Q: How much experience and education does a top executive require and what major would one need in college to reach an executive level?
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Working for Homeland Security does not require a college degree for all of their positions. Many of their positions require either a high school education, or a combination of work experience and education that they feel is sufficient for the tasks of each job.

What education do you need to be in law school?

Most law schools require you to have a bachelor's degree. There are a few that will allow you to enter with some level of college experience.

How long does it take to go to college to be a mayor?

A mayor is a municipal executive, and election to the position does not require any specific education. Many mayors, however, are attorneys or other professionals.

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In order to obtain a top career it is advised to attend college. Most careers require a college education or some form of trade school. The only careers that do not require an education are low paying jobs such as warehouse or retail work.

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Civil engineering is a large field of work and some of the jobs do not require a high level of education. The lower leveled ones do not require higher education such as college.

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Selling cars (or selling things in general) does not require a college education.

How many travel job openings require this education?

Many travel job openings require education. It's hard to quantify the number of openings that require education, because there are so many different types of travel jobs available, and also because often times experience can be substituted for education.

How many years of college do secretary need?

It depends. Some secretaries or executive assistants will have a two-year associates degree from a community college. Other jobs may encourage or require secretaries to hold a four-year college degree. It is also possible to get some secretarial positions with no college experience, but based on one's skills.

What government position does not require college education?

The president of the United States. Amazing isn't it?

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There are many jobs that don't require a college education. It is not necessary to be a college graduate in order to get one of those jobs. Certain professions, however, do require a college degree and only college graduates will get hire for these jobs.

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Job whithout college education might be: 1) Sales executive 2) Any sales person - sales agent " because this requieres an experience more than an educational aspect. 3) Kids assistant in a nursery or elementary school. 4) shop vendor 5) houskeeper 6) helpdesk or call center in a bank " sometimes does not require a degree" 7) CASHIER - in a hypermarket or super or mini GOOD LUCK ROSE

What education is required to become a park ranger?

Most federal jobs do not always require a college degree, however if you will be carrying a firearm you will be required to get a gun permit. You will need to have some kind of college or wildlife experience to have the necessary skills needed for this type of job.

Are there any schools to attend to become a car dealer?

A college degree is not required to be a car dealer. Many dealerships just require that you have some sales experience before they would consider hiring you. Honestly, an strong education is not a requirement to become a car salesman. A high school education is definitely preferred, but you do not need a college degree. You can attend some salesmanship classes, though, at your local community college for some sales education.

How much education does brain surgeons require?

I believe it requires around 19 years of college.

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Floral design does not require that you have a formal college education. Most florists learned the trade by hands-on experience. There are community colleges, vocational schools and private floral schools, where you can earn a certificate.

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Any manufacturing job that requires technological knowledge requires a college education. These include Microchip assembly and anyone who assembles advanced technological equipment.

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There are various jobs that do not require a college degree, though these days more and more jobs are beginning to require at least a partial college education. Finding one of these jobs really depends upon what field you are planning to work in, if it is a more specialized field, you may need to attend some schooling. Most insurance jobs likely require at least a bit of education in the insurance field.