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You need to be a medical doctor with a specialty in psychiatry.


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I've heard some Psychiatrists make $450/hr!

In order to become a psychiatrist, one has to finish an undergraduate degree. They then need to get a PHD.

A forensic scientist makes around 70,000 dollars. Who they work for and their experience will factor into how much money they make.

How much does a forensic scientist make in a year an if i go to college how many years would it take me to become a forensic scientist.

A psychiatrist is essentially a medical doctor (M.D.) with training in Psychology. So be prepared to become an M.D. on the way. (A psychologist specializes in Psychology.)

In places like California, they can make up to $260,000/year. Approx. $180k-$250k.

how much do psychiatrist get paid

A forensic scientist with less than one year experience earns less than $10.00 per hour. One with 20 years experience earns $75.00 per hour.

To become a scientist in any field costs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the forensic field, undergrad, masters, and doctoral training will cost in the neighborhood of 250,000 dollars.

It depends on what you do in the field. Some famous researchers make a lot of money and would qualify as "wealthy". However, an average forensic psychologist (not psychiatrist) makes around 75,000 - 125,000 a year - at least in the state of California.

How much do forensic physcologist earn?

The can make around 80,000 to 110,000 dollars a year. This depends on who they work for and the amount of experience and education they have.

Ranges from there years working 1 year of experience is 40k , 10 years can be around 60k

You do not need any experience to become a lawyer. You will the to pass the bar exam in the state you wish to practice in.

psychiatrists generally make 100,000+ forensic psychiatrist make much, much more maybe in the 200,000s+ but if you want to get a job in that field, do it because you love it and want to help people and not just for the money because if you do it for the money, you'll get sick of it

In order to become a CIA, there is an experience requirement of twenty-four months of internal auditing or its equivalent.

An English psychiatrist earns about £100,000 a year, or more!

forensic photographer get paid about 45,780--53,290

They get payed by years experience. Ranging from 1 year being 40k to 10 years being 60k or more.

finish yr 12 with a uai of 95attend uni for 6 yrs5 yrs speciality training

A psychiatrist needs an MD degree and additional specialized training. You did not say what area your MA is in. That might not make much difference in terms of the MD, but it could have a bearing on other directions in the therapy/counseling fields.

The yearly salary of clinical psychiatrist will probably be near the make of a regular psychiatrist about 177,000-189,500 a year depending on where in the United States you live.

A forensic scientist would probably earn about £200,000 a year

There are no shortenings of psychiatrist, but slang for Psychiatrist can be "Shrink", and "Quack". Those who dislike the term Psychiatrist often say head-doctor, and psychiatrists themselves generally refer to themselves by their fields, i.e. Clinical Psychologist (which is a psychiatrist,) Forensic Psychologist, Child Psyschologist, Criminal Psychologist, etc.____________________"Psych." can be an abbreviation for either profession, as well as the words "psychiatry" and "psychology", though not in formal usage.____________________5/16/10 - I'm a psychiatrist. I'm not sure how common this is, but in my training we abbreviated "psychiatry," "psychiatric," and "psychiatrist" with the Greek letter psi (pronounced like "sigh"). If you go to wikipedia and type "psi" there's an image of capital psi and lowercase psi. Handwritten, they end up looking the same and much like Indiana University's symbol.- RM

A psychiatrist makes an average of $145,600 anually The median expected salary for a typical Psychiatrist in the United States is $159,830. $150,000-$200,000 including bonus'

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