How much fiber should an adult male eat daily?

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If you are going for a 2,000 calorie diet, at least 25 grams. If you have a 2,500 calorie diet, at least 35 grams.
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What is the recommended daily intake of fiber for adults?

Answer . 35 grams. Answer . According to the American Heart Association, the average American takes in 15 grams of fiber. Several organizations recommend 25 - 30 grams a day. The American Dietetic association recommends 25 - 35 grams a day. If your intake is 15 grams or less and you want to i ( Full Answer )

How much sugar should an adult consume daily?

As little as humanly possible. White refined sugar is very bad for the body. Substitute sugar with Sucanut (comes from the sugar cane, but organic and healthier than refined white sugar because it hasn't lost all nutrients). You can get it at any health food store and sometimes the health section of ( Full Answer )

How much fat should you eat daily?

The total amount of calories from fat should make up around 30% of your diet. Each gram of fat contains 9kcals. So for example, If you were consuming 1500kcals a day then 30% percent of those calories should be fat. Calculations: 1500kcals / 100 X 30 = 450kcals 450kcals / 9 = 50 grams So ( Full Answer )

How much should crf cat eat daily?

A cat should eat enough calories to satisfy its metabolic needs - this is based upon age, weight and exercise level. For a typical 10# adult cat, approximately 1 cup of dry kibble or 2-3 cans of cat food (the larger size, not the Fancy Feast size) should be adequate. A cat with chronic renal failur ( Full Answer )

How much should adult horses eat?

It depends on how much the horse weighs and what kind of food you are offering it. Check out The Horse and Pony Encyclopedia. Or go to your local library and take out some books.

How much potassium should you eat daily?

The average adult should have a minimum of 2000mg-3000mg of potassium per day. This can be achieved through the natural consumption of certain kinds of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. There are circumstances where potassium is readily lost and needs to be replenished in excess of the mini ( Full Answer )

How much meat should adolescents eat daily?

There are eight normal requirements that the adolescent should have a day. These eight requirements are calories; protein which vegetarians exceed these level; fats which are gained from many junk foods though only 30% of it is needed; calcium which can be provided from green, leafy vegetables; iron ( Full Answer )

How much sodium should adults have daily?

Under ideal conditions, the minimum sodium requirement is about 1,500 milligrams (mg) of sodium each day. This is less than 1 teaspoon of table salt. The maximum recommended level of sodium intake is 2,300 mg per day.

What fiber percentage should be in a daily diet?

Though I haven't found out the actual percentage, 25-40g of Fiber is recommended, varying based on age and gender, according to the MayoClinic. Another source recommends a minimum of 32g.

How much does an adult koala eat daily?

Koalas only eat approximately 50 of the 600 different eucalyptus species in Australia. Each koala eats around 400 to 600 grams of eucalyptus leaves each day. Eucalyptus leaves contain approximately 50% water so koalas generally do not need an additional water source. The word "koala" is aboriginal f ( Full Answer )

How much should a horse eat daily?

that's hard to answer with out more information. It all depends on the size and age of your horse. it also depends on how much work your horse does. on the back of the sack of horse feed.. it tells you the guideline daily amounts and how much your horse should approximately be eating

How much water should a forty year old male drink daily in ounces?

It depends on the weight of the person. In general, 64 ounces of water not including soft drinks, juices, or other drinks/foods should be taken in daily. For every 10 pounds overweight an additional 8 ounces should be drank to begin the process of losing weight

How much meat should you eat daily?

This depends on how much you need to eat but if you want the answerI suggest you look it up on a health website such as

How much should an old labrador dog eat daily?

Labradors are known for being stomachs on legs. A good amount of food is from 2 to 2.5 cups of food per day. The higher quality the food the better. You can also give your dog treats throughout the day. And, if your dogs stomach can handle it, you can give them table scraps as well.

How much should adults eat?

i think that an adult should eat three full meals and eat small snacks to keep health nice and so the digestive system will not eat too much at the full meals

How much should a male Bernese Mountain Dog eat?

Well if the dog is 0-1 years old then when you should feed it one cup of wet food.When it is 2-??? you should feed it two cups in the morning and two cups at night.Hope I helped!!!

How many calories should an healthy adult eat daily?

A man between the ages of 19 and 30 with a sedentary lifestyle needs 2,400 calories; a more active male requires 200 more. Females between the ages of 19 and 30 with a sedentary lifestyle require 2,000 calories per day; a more active lifestyle requires 200 more as well.

How much food should a German shepherd eat daily?

If you're talking about a growing puppy, feed them liberallybecause they grow up fast, and I mean fast! Especially is they'reGerman German Shepherds as opposed to American German Shepherdswhich are smaller. Once they reach their full growth -my two dogsgot to this point at 2 1/2 years old- they shou ( Full Answer )

Why should you eat more fiber?

Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that isn't digested by the body. When you eat foods with lots of fiber in it, it slows down the digestion of other carbohydrates, which makes sure you don't have a sugar rush. As a result, you get more long-lasting energy from food.

How much should a 6'3 adult male weigh?

at least 145 pounds, over 200 start thinking about exercise and meal choices.. u no you need to weigh atleast 170 pounds, because 6'3 is pretty tall...

How much food should a person eat daily?

fast food = unhealthy its all about the calories. an average man should take around 2500and around 2000 for women Women should eat 1500 to 2000 calories a day and men should eat2000 to 2500 calories a day. 1 meal per meal time(not always) As much as you are hungry. Do not confuse this with how much ( Full Answer )

How much does a child need of fiber daily?

Ages 1-3 : 19 grams per day. Ages 4-8 : 25 grams per day. Boys 9-13 : 31 grams per day. Girls 9-13 : 26 grams per day. Boys 14-19 : 38 grams per day. Girls 14 - 19 : 26 grams per day. Note : I found these answers at. ''

How much should an adult cat eat?

Depends on the cat. Smaller, lighter cats will naturally eat less, whereas a bigger or bulky cat will eat more. That said, a cat will eat far more if fed a lower quality food to get the nutrition it needs, and less if fed a premium quality food. The best way to find out how much you should feed y ( Full Answer )

How much yogurt should you eat daily?

There is not prescribed amount, but many people around the world eat about a half cup of yogurt with breakfast almost every morning.

How much food should a shetland sheepdog eat daily?

There are so many variables I can not give you absolute answer. First: Shelties vary a lot in size. The breed "standard" calls for a range of 13 inches to 16 inches at the shoulder. That is a big difference in itself, and then considering they can often range from 12 inches to 18 inches. So, size ( Full Answer )

What is fiber and why should you eat plenty of it?

Fiber is of two main types; insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber is mostly cellulose, and it helps to "clean out" your intestines. People who don't eat much fiber suffer from constipation and more intestinal diseases like colon cancer. Soluble fiber, present, in beans, fruit, and oatmeal, he ( Full Answer )

How many mg of fiber should you eat daily?

The FDA Daily Value (DV) is 11.5 g of fiber per 1000 kcalories; 25 g for a 2000 kcalorie diet. Note that DRI (Daily Intake) is slightly higher at 14 g per 1000-kcalorie intake. The World Health Organization (WHO) an upper limit (UI) of 40 grams of dietary fiber per day. More than the UI has b ( Full Answer )

How much fiber should Australians eat?

A nationality does not contribute to someones nutritional health. However, due to Australia's hotter climate this may affect it, as the higher climate will mean that the body will burn the foods and nutrients faster as they will need the nutrients more. So the reccommended amount of fibre a day shou ( Full Answer )

How many grams of fiber does an adult need daily?

The recommended ammount is 20-25 grams a day, but the average person only gets around 7 grams a day. Uping your fiber intake drastically immediatly can cause you to feel bloated and it may hurt so try a gradual increase in fiber

How much food should a kitten eat daily?

There is no correct answer for this, as how much a kitten eats can depend on several factors: The kitten's age, size, activity level, appetite and the quality of food being fed. A cat's food is also a huge factor in how much it eats: A cat will eat far more if fed a lower quality food to get the nut ( Full Answer )

How many calories should a 62 year old male eat daily?

The average caloric intake for adult males is 2,500 calories a day . However, the amount of calories you should eat depends on your weight, activity level and desire to lose weight. The best way to estimate how many calories you need daily is to calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BM ( Full Answer )

How much fiber intake daily?

It's generally recommended that most of the population consume about 25-35g of fiber per day.

How much should you feed a100 pd male black lab daily?

unless the dog is very big it is already overweight because it is only supposed to get up to 70lbs but dont worry labs have weight problems and mine did too. but it shuld get atleast 3 ten minute walks and have it play and run in the back yard.

How much food should an adult cat eat a day?

Depends on the cat. Smaller, lighter cats will naturally eat less, whereas a bigger or bulky cat will eat more. That said, a cat will eat far more if fed a lower quality food to get the nutrition it needs, and will eat much less if fed a premium quality food that has a high meat content and no grain ( Full Answer )

How many carbs should an active adult male eat for breakfast?

There isn't a set amount to eat or drink because it all depends on metabolism and how much exersize will be completed during that day. It all depends on the individual. Your safest bet is to calculate how many calories you are consuming and then across the day aim to burn of that amound and maybe mo ( Full Answer )

How much should 5 pound Pomeranian eat daily?

About one half cup a day. But it really depends on the Pomeranian if you have a over weight dog then you might want a little less or talk to your dogs veterinarian.

How much hay should a guinea pig eat daily?

They need an unlimited supply of timothy hay if they are 6 months or older if they are younger then 6 months, pregnant, or nursing, they need alfalfa hay. They should have hay available to them at all times and if they run out give them more.

How much millet should parakeets eat daily?

My budgie will eat an entire twig of millet in a day if I leave it in the cage, and ignore his pellets -- so I've taken it out of his cage and only give it to him under supervision and when we are training as a treat. They should never eat more than one full twig a week, they're a healthy snack but ( Full Answer )

How much wet food should a cat eat daily?

A cat needs 150 grams of a grain free wet food in the morning and evening .Thats 300gr per day Wet food should be free of maize,wheat,corn,rice and digest examples of healthy cats foods are bozita,smilla,blue buffalo wilderness and animoda carny dried food should be considered a snack and shou ( Full Answer )

How much should a adult standard poodle eat?

This all depends on the weight and age of the dog and what food you are feeding. All commercial dog foods should have a feeding guide on the packaging somewhere