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How much food and water do you need to forcefeed a sick 13 lb cat that won't eat or drink so it won't get dehyrated or sicker?

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2010-10-07 19:12:27

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sick cat/forcefeed

Please don't force feed your cat....take it to a vet for a check

up, it may have a serious health problem. By forcing it to eat, you

may harm it more in the long run. I love animals and the Vet is the

best place for a sick pet.

Usually this extreme a change in behavior means that the cat

needs help.

Not eating or drinking is a sign that the cat does not feel

well. The vet can also show you kinder ways to hydrate the cat, if



What is a "kinder" way to hydrate a cat?

We have the same problem. We took our cat to the "animal

hospital" after he stopped eating and became lethargic over an

approximate two week period. After over $1300, the vet found

nothing to help. When any cat stops eating, their liver becomes

inflamed and could shut down because all it is processing is the

stored fat. So again, after $1300, lots of tests including x-rays,

berium tests, ultrasound, some antibiotics and some tube feeding

& hydration, all we know is the cat has an inflamed liver; and

even the vet couln't get him to eat or drink.

The doctor then recommended a liver biopsy and maybe exploratory

surgery. I said enough is enough because my budget was already over

its limit. I told the vet just let me treat him with whatever meds

might make him get better with what we know.

Two days ago, we brought the cat home with a antibiotic for his

liver, a steroid (prednisone) , a liver supplement, and tagamint

(in case it's his throat or intestine preventing his hunger). I've

been forcefeeding him now for two days. This morning the cat

started eating and drinking a small amount on his own; the first

time in over a week.

Hopefully, he'll snap out of whatever it was that made him stop

eating in the first place. I personally think forcefeeding will

work for us.


10/10 You asked about a kinder way ... I've been researching the

same thing.

See "How to Give a Cat Subcutaneous Fluids at Home" on


As for my own kitty, at this time, I was not able to pick up the

IV from my vet, as the doc was in emergency surgery. They did

provide a syringe, and I also want to know how much should I

attempt to feed my cat (both water and/or food) in quantity and

number of times per day. He's a small cat of 19, so I don't want to

overdo it. He hasn't eaten in 2-3 days, but got IVed fluids at the

vet yesterday, but won't drink by himself today. Same as you, aside

from old age, vet couldn't pinpoint anything specifically "wrong".

I think it's the flu, but maybe I'm deluding myself ... But I won't

give him up without a fight ...

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