How much food should a person eat daily?

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fast food = unhealthy

its all about the calories. an average man should take around 2500 and around 2000 for women
Women should eat 1500 to 2000 calories a day and men should eat 2000 to 2500 calories a day.
1 meal per meal time(not always)
As much as you are hungry. Do not confuse this with how much you want to eat, this is how much you need to eat, as in when your stomach is no longer asking for food rather than how much your brain wants to eat.

If you start listening like this, you will find yourself unable to pig out on sweets and you shouldn't put on any weight.
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How much food should a German shepherd eat daily?

If you're talking about a growing puppy, feed them liberallybecause they grow up fast, and I mean fast! Especially is they'reGerman German Shepherds as opposed to American Ger

How much food should the average person eat a day?

Well,the healthy way to eat is only have three meals a day. But i guess little bits in between like fruits wouldn't hurt! :] Several factors contribute to what an average

How much dog food should a 52 pound dog eat daily?

It depends on the dog's metabolism, breed and it's energy level andthe caloric content of the food you are feeding. Most dogs benefitfrom 2 meals per day to even out blood sug

How much food should a shetland sheepdog eat daily?

There are so many variables I can not give you absolute answer. First: Shelties vary a lot in size. The breed "standard" calls for a range of 13 inches to 16 inches at the

What foods should vegetarians eat daily?

Foods you should eat everyday: Dark green leafy greens such as Spinach or Kale Nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts because they're high in natural fiber. Whole grains like

How much food should a kitten eat daily?

There is no correct answer for this, as how much a kitten eats can depend on several factors: The kitten's age, size, activity level, appetite and the quality of food being fe

How much food do chickens eat daily?

Buy a bag of laying crumble or pellets (it's okay for roosters, too) and a 7 lb feeder at your local tractor supply or other farm store. Fill the feeder as needed and buy more
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How much food do vultures eat daily?

Vultures eat alot more than we do. in fact, vultures eat a smallanimal in less than 30 minutes!
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How much wet food should a cat eat daily?

A cat needs 150 grams of a grain free wet food in the morning and evening .Thats 300gr per day Wet food should be free of maize,wheat,corn,rice and digest examples of healt