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Assuming you're asking about the cost of entry to Thorpe Park (a theme park near London, UK):

As of May 2011 (prices for one day, from official website, including VAT):

  • Adult: £21.60 - £39.60
  • Child: £18.60 - £28.80
  • Family of 4: £99.60 - £112.80

Additional charges for parking

Additional charges for "Fasttrack" tickets

Additional charges for some dates

Additional charges for more than one day

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Official Budget for Thorpe Park when constructed was $345,237

It depends which Thorpe Park you are referring to. There is a Thorpe Park in England.

No. Thorpe Park is in Chertsey, Surrey.

there is not much, Alton towers is alot more suited to young children than thorpe park :)

SurreyThorpe park is in Chertsey, Surrey (not london) UK

81.8 miles from Ilford to Thorpe Park.

Thorpe Park is indescribable. Though really expensive.

The latest ride at Thorpe Park, is The Swarm.

The area of Thorpe Park is 2,023,428.2112 square meters.

You don't want too! Thorpe Park is crap!

the person who owns thorpe park is The Statue liberty

If you type saw ride thorpe park, there are on ride videos :)

Go onto the Thorpe Park website and see.

Bristol to Thorpe Park, Surrey is 108.9 miles.

Thorpe Park is a theme park with various rides and other attractions near London.

I think thorpe park is a water theme park or an adventure theme park. I am not really sure though.

Colossus - Thorpe Park - was created in 2002.

Detonator - Thorpe Park - was created in 2001.

Vortex - Thorpe Park - was created in 2001.

The Objective in Thorpe Park is to build rides every year so that Thorpe Park can get popular so they can make more money and profit,

It has an estimate of £70 million ! That was in 2008.

Believe it or not, an adult is counted as anyone aged 12+ at Thorpe Park

You have to be 12 years old or over as you are classed as an adult at 12 with thorpe park

Why not access the Thorpe Park website for all the info that you require.

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