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Q: How much for a professional satin black paint job?
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how much does a qurt of black paint coast ?

how much does a quart of black paint coust

How much cost to paint a car in matte black?

how much cost to paint a car in matte black

How much semigloss and flat paint equal satin paint or eggshell paint?

If you mix a flat and semi-gloss 1:1 you should end up with a paint in the eggshell range. Mix the same paints 1:3 and you should end up with a satin. Experiment with small amounts to get the desired gloss.

How much does it cost to paint the hood of your car?

A professional paint job for a hood will generally run between $600-1000.

Can you paint without sanding satin paint over satin?

Yes but there is no guarantee that the colour on the surface will not streak or show a different colour through. Added to this is the fact in many houses in particular there are spray polishes used. These become airborne and do make their way to pained surfaces even if you don't actually polish that surface directly. Its a safer bet with same colour paint to give it a light rub with sand paper , then wipe with a clean damp cloth and then the satin coat should adhere to a much better standard

How much should I expect to pay for professional exterior house painting?

I would like to hire professional painters to paint the exterior of my home. Typically, how much does it cost to hire professional painters for this type of work?

What do you get if you mix green and a little black paint?

You get dark green. Add too much and you get black.

How much per square foot to paint 3400 square feet of wall space with one coat of paint?

need price for 5800 sq. of block 1st. coat block fill 2nd. coat satin finish

How much does Josh Satin weigh?

MLB player Josh Satin weighs 200 pounds.

How much does the assault on black reach paint set cost?

its about £55 in England

I recently purchased a hamster for my long-term boyfriend's birthday and I found out the colouring is quite rare. How much are Satin Black Tortoiseshell Syrian Hamsters worth?

Satin black hamsters are uncommon color but they are the same price as usual hamsters but I hope your boyfriend enjoys his hamster.

How much does it cost to paint your king air 200?

When painting an expensive aircraft such as the Beechcraft King Air B200, it is best to get a quote from a professional service provider such as Duncan Aviation. It is noteworthy that professional paint jobs can greatly increase the value of the aircraft.

How much money does Josh Satin make?

MLB player Josh Satin made $506809 in the 2014 season.

What kind of paint should I use on my outdoor table to protect it from the weather?

With all due repect to previous answer, that's overkill. Two coats of interior satin or semi-gloss is sufficient. Satin at minimum because the shimmer allows for easy cleanup which is important in the kitchen. Don't spend too much on the paint, no matter what anyone says, their all about the same. You should definitely start with an outdoor paint, or an indoor/outdoor paint. Then make sure to use a water sealer on top and allow it to dry fully before it is exposed to the elements.

How much would it cost to sand away car paint and paint it black with green fire stripes with a skull in the fire and to get a lot of rust removed?

Pretty much all the $ you got.

How much will it cost to paint your motorcycle?

If you want a professional paint job your looking at $1,500 dollars. You should be able to take it to any paint shop and get your bike painted. It cost me to paint my Honda Spirit 2003 $250 for the tank, and both fenders with one color.

What is satin made up of?

God created Satin as more like his best friend then anything. Gave him alot of power but not as much as God himself. Satin was jealous and turned on God and became evil. Dose not say what Satin is made up of.

155.6 how much paint will I need?

155.6/how much paint will I need

If you bought a satin paint to match to an existing paint but it is a little too shiny can you add something to the paint to flatten it some?

if your paint is latex add some water to slightly dull the sheen, if you need to drastically dull the finish buy some flat paint in the same color and mix accordingly **** Another thought. Do not thin the paint too much as it will change the durability of the topcoat. Buying a 2nd qt, gallon of flatter paint will also change the sheen but cost you more in the end and you will have a bunch of paint sitting around. The easier fix is to ask your local Sherwin Williams, Quals or other paint supplier for some flattening powder which is the only real difference in the sheen of your paint and the flatter paint suggested above and costs pennies. About 4 oz of this powder to a gallon will change a satin, eggshell to a flat. You could do the math and mix a small pint to test it. Good luck.

How much would it cost to get a car's paint sanded away then get the rust removed and then paint it black with green flame strip down the middle with a skull in the middle with a clear coat how much?

A bunch for sure

What type of paint should you use on crown molding and trim?

When painting new crown moldings and trim, your best choice of paint is a satin or semi-gloss latex or acrylic trim paint. Oil based paints are becoming increasingly rare as their toxicity levels are higher than water based paints. The choice of satin or semi-gloss, much like the colour you choose to paint your trim is one of aesthetics. The higher the gloss level, the higher the reflective quality and that can increase the visibility of flaws in the trim work. If you are painting old molding that were previously painted with oil based paint you will need to prime the old paint with a coat of good quality oil-based primer before top coating it with latex or acrylic paint. Please note when working with oil-based paint be sure the room is well ventilated.

Does the color black have any colors in it?

Black itself is a colour, and it is just black. However:When talking about light, black is the result of no light (and thus no colours) - such as a shadow. When talking about paint, black is made from (in most cases) a type of powdered carbon rather than a combination of other paints. However, mixing many different colours of paint together should make black paint, as a black marker is made out of many different colours.Much more detailed information about black paint can be found here:

How much does a zebra cost month?

it is not applicable as it is ileegal to own a zebra its better to get a donkey and paint it black and white

How do you change light gray paint brown?

i think you should add a little bit of black but not too much

How much paint it takes to paint a car?

alot of paint......