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A high force foot strike will be 8-10 g's, while a more a low force foot strike will measure 4-6 g's. Source:

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How much force is generated on each foot strike when walking?

2 to 3 times your body weight. Source:

What is frictional force and its uses?

Friction is a force that is generated when two surfaces rub against each other. It is useful for preventing slipping or sliding.

If you are swimming in a lake or river how close would a lightning strike to the water have to be to hurt or kill you?

The distance would depend upon the force of each individual strike.

How is friction created?

A force is needed to start something moving and to stop it once it is moving. A force can make something speed up or slow down. Friction is a force generated when surfaces move across each other.

Describe the three major types of faults and the type of stress that forms each fault?

Normal Faults (extensional force <-- --> ) Reverse Faults (Compressional Force --> <--- ) Strike Slip faults (Sliding force in opposite directions.. ( ---> <--- )

What happens when two parallel wires carry current in theame direction?

The electric fields generated by the wires will interact with each other, causing a force to be produced that pushes the two wires away from each other.

How are the forces in each force pair related?

how the force in each force pair related

Where does earthquakes strike the most?

They strike the most where tectonic plates are found and when the hit each other

How do wildfires strike?

wildfires strike by dry trees rubbing against each other in very dry land

How do strike-slip faults move?

strike-slip faults move along each other from shearing

How can you run faster in 2 weeks?

train your running skills by jogging for about 30 minutes each day

How is friction generated?

Usually there will be small curves and bumps on the surface of bodies sliding over each other. These cause friction. Though we make the surface so smooth there will be some to provide smaller frictional force

Explain how each row is generated in pascal triangles?

Each row is differently generated. For example, Diagnal 1 displays the counting numbers, Diagnal 2 is +1, +2,+3, +4, +5 and so on.

How many typhoons strike Japan each year?


What amount of e waste is generated each year from mobile phones?

your dad

What is the difference between friction and gravity?

FRICTION is the energy generated when two bodies have some physical interaction with each other. GRAVITY is the force of a mass which pulls an object towards its center. *Friction produces heat but not Gravity

Is there an inexpensive way to get from Portland ME to Albany NY?

Yes, by jogging, cycling or hitching! Airfare is about $160 each way

What force of deformation produces each fault?

Tensional force and compressional force.

What is the number of balls rolled in each frame of bowling?

In bowling, there are 2 balls rolled in each frame, unless the first ball is a strike. In the 10th frame if you get a spare or a strike there are 3 rolls.

What is limiting friction?

The maximum friction that can be generated between two static surfaces in contact with each other. Once a force applied to the two surfaces exceeds the limiting friction, motion will occur. For two dry surfaces, the limiting friction is a product of the normal reaction force and the coefficient of limiting friction.

What source keeps the planets in place?

first it is not a source it is a force. There are at least two equal and opposite forces that keep an object in an orbit. Gravity and centrifugal force. Gravity is an attraction which is proportional to the product of the two gravitating bodies divided by the square of the distance between them. Without a force to counteract this attraction, the bodies would move toward each other, the distance decreases, the force between them increase and the two bodies will eventually collide. Centrifugal force on the other hand is a force generated by the radial acceleration of a body moving on a curve. Thus as the planet revolved around a star, centrifugal force is generated which is opposite in direction to the gravitational attraction of the planet and the star. Balance is therefore attained and the planet stays in its orbit. This is the same thing that happens between a star and the core of the galaxy where it is located. The star and its planetary complement revolve around the core of the galaxy and the centrifugal force generated by the revolution counteracts the attraction of the galactic core and the star, hence balance is maintained.

What did each side want in the current NFL referee strike?


What is the average number of hurricanes that strike the US each year?


What does each force have on a object?

A force cannot be a force unless it is actually affecting an object.

What is a strike-slip fault system?

A Strike Slip fault is where the two sides of the fault move past each other horizontally.