How much fruit to feed 100 people?

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You need 100 apples, 100 oranges, 100 Bananas and 20 watermelons and 40 Pineapples and 10kgs Grapes
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How much fruit to feed 150 people?

Answer . Catering wise, you figure it is a 1/4 pound per person(4 0unces).That goes for any part of a meal.Of course some people eat less, some more.So in the end it all evens out.. So to. Answer . Catering wise, you figure it is a 1/4 pound per person(4 0unces).That goes for any part of a ( Full Answer )

How many meatballs to feed 100 people?

4- 6 golf ball sized meat balls plus a side dish will satisfy the average appitite so about 400 - 600 your call on that, peckish or full,

How much sloppy joes is need to feed 100 people?

If you make each sandwich with 4 ounces of meat, one sandwich wouldbe a serving size. You should make about 150 sloppy joes, in casesome people want seconds. This would be 37.5 pounds of meat.

How many pounds of pulled pork will feed 100 people?

Usually people figure 1/2 pound of cooked meat per person. Thiswould mean 50 pounds. However, you lose some during the cookingprocess, so you should add an extra 25 pounds just to be sure.Therefore, you should get 75 pounds of pork to feed 100 people.

How many cups of rice will feed 100 people?

I just cooked 24 cups of rice to feed 100 people---I know not everyone will eat rice and some will not eat as much as others.....I just hope I cooked enough!! Answer One cup of rice makes 3 cups cooked. It sounds to me like you made enough: roughly 3/4 cup per person.

How many pounds of spaghetti to feed 100 people?

A serving of pasta = 2 oz, so one 16 oz package for eight people, or twelve 16 oz packages for 100.. Note: Many people will consume up to twice the serving size listed on the package, so unless you're serving a lot of side dishes or a second main course, 20-24 packages might be more realistic.

How many kilo of rice to feed 100 people?

Approximately 5 cups of raw rice makes 1 kilo.( Depending on the size of the cup) 1 cup can feed 2.5 people as a side dish to be eaten with a curry ( you can get a good 7/8 inch plate almost 3/4 full and a curry on top ) Back to the question, how many kilos for 100 people? 8 kilos of rice should fee ( Full Answer )

How much fruit for 150 people?

If you mean something like fruit cocktail or fruit salad, plan on 1/2 cup per person with would be about 2 and 1/2 gallons.

How much ham to feed 100 people?

It would depend on how you are serving it. If you are serving it as a baked or roasted ham, roughly fifty pounds would do (1/2 pound servings), but you might want to purchase a bit more for seconds for bigger eaters.. If you are serving it in sandwiches, 25-50 pounds depending on the type of sandwi ( Full Answer )

How much baked beans to feed 100 people?

The amount of baked beans needed to feed 100 people is about 3gallons. Normally you would make 10 per cent more so there isenough for extra servings.

How much chicken to feed 100 people?

Figure roughly 1/2 pound per person and add 25% (that's 12 ounces per person, so 75 pounds). It depends too on what type of chicken, the cut, you intend to serve. If you are planning on whole roasted chickens, plan on 100 pounds or more. If you are serving wings, expect to serve a dozen or more p ( Full Answer )

How many pounds of pork shoulder to feed 100 people?

70 lbs uncooked, 50lbs of cooked meat. Typically you should plan on1/2 pound of cooked meat per person. However, the pork shoulderwill lose weight while it's cooking, so you'll need to purchasearound 70 lbs of meat. A pound of meat will feed 1 and 1/2 guestsand make 3 good sized sandwiches.

How many pounds of Boston butt to feed 100 people?

Most people calculate 1 lb uncooked meat per person to account for the fat content shrinkage and bone weight in the butt. 100 people would = 100 lbs of uncooked pork, or about 12 - 13 8 lbs butts.

How much chicken is needed for chicken tacos to feed 100 people?

Allow for about 2 ounces of shredded chicken meat per taco and two taco's per guest. That translates to 25 lbs of pre cooked meat. Always make a small reserve extra for a hungry crowd and allow for wastage and spills. 100 people = approx. 30 lbs of shredded chicken meat.

How much corn to feed 100 people?

at 2 ears per person it would be 200 ears, at 1 cup per person (cut corn) it would be 100 cups, or 25 quarts. At 1 lb per person it would be 100 lbs. I usually get about 25% more just in case.

How many pounds of pot roast to feed 100 people?

Taking into consideration that the pot roast will be served with other sides, such as mashed potatoes, veggies, and whatnot, the average person would probably eat only a quarter to half a pound, so approximately 25-45 pounds of meat. I would recommend preparing extra sides and another option than ju ( Full Answer )

How much chicken salad to feed 100?

It depends on what else will be served at the meal. Normally it takes 25 pounds of chicken to serve 100 people.

How many slices of turkey to feed 100 people?

Assuming an average of 3 slices per plate, and a yield of 30 slices per turkey, you will need around 300 slices of turkey, which translates to about 10 cooked turkeys . Note: These are estimates. Depending on the size of the turkey, you may yield more or less meat.

How many egg noodles to feed 100 people?

it really depends on how much your giving them to eat properly only 10 to 30 packs of noddles and 5 to 10 cartons of eggs but as i said it depends on how much of it your going to give them hope that helps answer your question

How many pounds of corned beef to feed 100 people?

It depends, how many cookies did the 10 year old eat?.. Answer Probably 1/3 lb of cooked meat is plenty per person if you also serve other food. That would be 30 lbs of meat, but you should probably round up a few pounds to be sure there is enough--maybe 35 lbs.

How much spaghetti sauce if feed 100 people?

Here is your answer! And a recipe for 100 guests :) SPAGHETTI AND MEAT-SAUCE FOR 100 Makes 22 quarts sauce 1 1/3 cups olive oil 12 cups minced onion (24 medium onions) 24 cloves garlic, minced 6 lbs ground beef 6 lbs ground pork 24 cans (1 lb 12 oz each) plum tomatoes 8 cans (15 ( Full Answer )

How much lasagna to feed 100 people?

For generous main course (entree) portions - If you are serving the lasagne with just a simple side-salad, allow 225-250g per portion. If you are serving it with chips (fries) then allow 200-225g per portion.

How many people will 100 lbs corn beef feed?

Between 200 and 400 people depending on the size of the portions. Often portion sizes run from 4 to 8 ounces per person. For corned beef hash the portion size will include about 4 ounces of beef. For corned beef and cabbage the portions could be 8 ounces of beef.

How much ground beef would you need to feed 100 people?

Uncle Sam says one serving of round beef is 3 ounces. At that rate, you need 18.75 pounds. In the 1950s and 1960s, McDonald's only had one patty, and you could order a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a double hamburger or a double cheeseburger. Their patties were 1.6 ounces, and they promoted the "Al ( Full Answer )

How much should you charge for fruit feeding 150 people?

You need to know the cost of the fruit plus the number of hours itwill take to cut it up or otherwise prepare it. You may also needto consider providing serving trays and utencils. Pay yourself areasonable rate ($10/hr??) for this, add any transportation costsand then add 10%. Keep in mind that you ( Full Answer )