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How much garbage produced in the world each day?


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Well. In the U.S. 43 Million Tons are thrown away each day. I don't know how much for the others though. :(


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About 120,000 pounds of garbage are produced each day at Disney World.

700,000,000,000,000,000,002 tons

The world produces over 500 00 00 million tons of garbage each year.

700,000,000,000,000,000,002 tons!

About 500,000 tons of Garbage annually.

5 gazillion jibillionn trimillion.

The average American produces about 1, 600 pounds of garbage each year.

Probably 77 hefty bags per day

In 2003, excluding lignite, total of 5,118,800,000 tons of coal was produced around the world.

Every day, one human wastes 4.4 pounds of garbage, multiply that by 3 billion and get 13,200,000,000 pounds

26.3 million liters have been produced on a yearly basis for the last several years.

1.7 liters of saliva are produced each day.

Britain throws away millions of tons of garbage each year. Much of it ends up in landfill while some is burned or recycled.

589 million tones of paddy rice is produce a year.

about 3.5 billion pounds each year , ya im smart suck it!

About 300 million tons of plastic is produced globally each year. Only about 10 percent of that is recycled. Of the plastic that is simply trashed, an estimated seven million tons ends up in the sea each year.

About 1% of the 300 million tons of solid waste produced each year in th US. I dont know about the world.

2.500 tonnes of gold mined each year

Approximately 230 MILLION TONS of garbage are generated each year in America.

The latest figures available are for 2005 and world production of coffee was 6,685,000 metric tons. Source Wikipedia.

one disadvantage is that if we have to much garbage it will destroy the earth

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