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i have a 1995 Chevy Camaro with the 5.7L LT1 and I've noticed around anywhere around 15-17 mpg in the city depending on how much you get down on it, and anywhere between 24-26 mpg on the highway with the cruise control set.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:59:44
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Q: How much gas does a 5.7 liter LT1 engine consume?
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Did the lt1 come standard in the 1995 buick road master?

Yes. There were no engine options, the LT1 was the engine.

Will the intake from a 4.3 liter V8 multi-port fuel injected that looks like an LT1 fit on an LT1 long block?

no, the 4.3 liter is a V6

How much hp does a LT1 camaro engine have?

Assuming you're referring to a 93-97 LT1, 275 93-95, 285 96-97

How can you tell weather a 1997 5.7 vortec truck engine is a lt1 or ls1?

A vortec 5.7 is a lt1 based engine.

How much horsepower does a 94' Camaro have stock?

94 Camaro V6 3.4-liter =160-horsepower V8 5.7-liter LT1 = 275 horsepower

How much horsepower in a 96 caprice v8 5.7 engine?

I believe all 96 Caprice came with a lt1 engine. So if it the lt1, the stock hp would be 260. Same exact engine that is in the Impala SS for 94 95 96.

Does every 1995 Chevy impala have a Lt1 engine?

All SS Chevy Impalas' had the LT1.

Can you supercharge a stock LT1 engine?


What engine is in a 1994 Buick Roadmaster?


How does the LT1 engine work?

By internal combustion

How many 1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams were made with the lt1 engine?

All 1993 Pontiac Trans Ams were made with the LT1 engine.

What is the weight of a 5.7L LT1 engine?

What is the weight of a 5.7 tbi Chevy engine

What does LT1 mean on my trans am?

the type of engine in the trans am

What does a stp s8873 oil filter fit?

It fit a 1968 to 1992 chevy small block.... Do NOT put it on a LT1

LT1 trans am how much horsepower?

The LT1 Trans am is rated to have 275whp from the factory.

What engine has the most hp Ls1'or Lt1's?

lt1 has about 295 stock at flywheel, ls1 has about 305

How can you tell if your Cadillac fleetwood 1993 has an lt1?

The 1993 Fleetwoods did not come with a LT1 engine. The engine is a L05, 350ci with 185 horsepower with throttle body fuel injection. The LT1 350ci with 260 horsepower was used in the 94, 95, and 96 Fleetwoods.

What type of transmission does a 1993 Chevy Camaro Z28 come with Is it the LS1 or the LT1?

The LS1 and LT1 designations are for the engine not the transmission. A 1993 Camaro Z28 would have originally been fitted with an LT1 engine. Available transmissions behind the LT1 would have been the Borg Warner T-56 (manual), or the 4L60E (automatic).

What is the engine part on a 1995 Camaro Z28 Lt1 that leads from the intake to the exhaust?

The engine.

How much does a 1995 Camaro lt1 ss have?

There was no Camaro LT1 "SS" in 1995, but the stock LT1 (assuming you were referring to horsepower) had 275 hp.

Is The casting number of 14093638 a lt1?

What type of engine is 14093638

How much hp does a stock 1995 LT1 firebird make?

The 1994 LT1 makes 275HP, while the 1995 LT1 makes 285HP stock.

Is the 94 z28 a tpi 350?

No. Its engine code is LT1. The intake has much shorter runners than the tpi induction system.

How much horse power does a 1994 Chevy caprice 350 5.7l v8 engine have?

If it's an LT1, it's rated at 260HP.

What size thermostat on 1997 trans am lt1 engine?

210 degree