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How much gasoline is in a cubic foot of fuel?

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One cubic foot is 7.48052 US Gallons (6.22883 UK Gallons)

2006-07-29 20:43:31
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How much does 1 cubic foot of gasoline weigh?

50 pounds

How much does a cubic foot of fuel weigh?

53.6 pounds for diesel fuel.

How much cubic foot in a gallon of flamable fuel?

1 gallon of space = 0.13368 cubic foot (rounded) Regardless of what's in it. Even if it's empty.

How much does cubic foot of stone weight?

a cubic foot of water

How many lbs are in a cubic foot?

A cubic foot of what? A cubic foot of feathers is much less than a cubic foot of lead. A cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 lbs per cubic foot. Portland cement weighs 94 lbs per cubic foot.

How much larger is one cubic foot than one cubic inch?

1 cubic foot = 1,728 cubic inches

How much gallon 1 cubic foot?

1 Cubic Foot = 7.48051948 Gallons

What are the units for measuring specific weight?

Specific weight is a substance's weight (not mass) per unit volume. If you take a known volume of something -- say a cubic foot of it -- and place it on a scale, you know how much it weighs per cubic foot. So, let's say you have a cubic foot of water. Although its weight will vary somewhat with temperature, its average SW is about 62.4 pounds per cubic foot. Compare that to gasoline at 42.5 pounds per cubic foot and mercury at 847 pounds per cubic ft.

How much can a square foot equal to a cubic foot?

You can not compare a square foot to a cubic foot because they are 2 different quantities!

How much gravel in one cubic foot of gravel?

A: One cubic foot. That would be 0.037 cubic yard (rounded)

How much does a cubic foot of nitrogen weigh?

A cubic foot of nitrogen weighs .0784 pounds

How much liters in one cubic foot?

1 cubic foot is about 28.3 (28.3168) liters.

How many cubic foot in a pint?

none. a cubic foot is much larger than a pint.

How much dirt in a cubic foot?

1,728 cubic inches of it

How much does gasoline expand with temperature?

Because gasoline expands and contracts based on temperature, the industry uses a standard temperature -- 60 degrees Fahrenheit -- as part of its definition of a gallon. To the industry, a gallon of gasoline is the amount of fuel that occupies 231 cubic inches at 60 degrees. But at 75 degrees, the same amount of fuel occupies 233.4 cubic inches. At 90 degrees, the gas expands to 235.8 cubic inches. Look at the link provided and you will see the mystery of hot fuel and the money to be made by it.

How much cubic inches are in cubic feet?

1,728 cubic inches per cubic foot.

How much volume in cubic feet?

Volume is measured in cubic feet. So a cubic foot would have 1 foot height, 1 foot lenghth, and 1 foot width.

How much does one cubic foot of platinum weigh?

A cubic foot of platinum weighs 1,330 pounds.

How much does one cubic foot of gold weigh?

1204 lbs / cubic foot for 24k gold.

How much does a cubic foot of aluminum weigh?

1 cubic foot of aluminum weighs 169.344 Lbs

How much does one cubic foot of copper weigh?

A cubic foot of copper weighs about 550 pounds

How much does a cubic foot of mercury weighs?


1 cubic foot is how much water in liters?

One cubic foot equates to about 28.32 liters.

How much does 1 cubic foot equal in liters?

28.32 liters per cubic foot of volume.

How much more space in a 25 cubic foot refrigerator and a 20.7 cubic foot tefrigerator?

(25 cubic feet) - (20.7 cubic feet) = 4.3 cubic feet