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Norton should be able to remove it from your pc.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-30 13:12:24
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Q: How much have virus PC?
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How is the virus get in your PC?

when you download a file that has a virus

Does ourworld give your PC a virus?

No. I can assure you that does NOT give your pc a virus. i always play that game and my computer never had a virus.

Does Sonic Adventure 2 for PC have a virus?

If you downloaded it legally, no. If you have a virus, please scan your PC with a reputable Anti-virus program ASAP

How much is PC Chillin's virus software?

PC Chillin's virus software costs $35.35 I hope that this helps there are also many other virus software protection that doesnt cost anything at all. such as Super Anti-Spyware if you dont want to pay for virus software i'd recommend using this one

If you downlod a PC game can you a get a virus on your computer?

If you download many PC games then you could get a virus from it. Just scan your virus program every time you download anything.

How do you remove the about blank virus from windows 7 PC?

go to your settings and click blank virus on the first page, then that will remove the black virus off windows 7 PC

What is the name given to the situation when a PC stops functioning?

well it is simple disease = virus

Does sonic adventure DX on PC have a virus?

No it does not have a virus because it comes from a safe company so it has no virus

How does Virus reach your computer?

A PC virus reaches your computer/PC from the world wide web. A virus can be accumulated from various sites such as : xxx sites(Pornography), proxy, and even email.

Name the top 3 providers of virus protection for PC's?

Bitdefender Antivirus, Kaspersky Anti-virus, and Norton AntiVirus are some of the top 3 providers of virus protection for PC's.

Is my clean pc a virus?


Does roblox get your PC a virus?

Absolutely not.

Does virus get into iPod touch from your PC?

No it does not

What is a virus PC?

it is a yellow tree

What was the name and type of the first IBM PC virus?

boot sector virus

How can you remove short cut virus?

autorun.inf virus and PC shutdown command

Can your PC game get a virus if you were playing on it whilst your computer got a virus?

Yes, I belive it can as the virus can spread anywere

Can a PC get a virus if you don't use it?

no it cant

Does bigjon PC games have a virus?

Simple. No!

Will Free Realms give your PC a virus?

no it will not

How can you clean your PC from virus?

If you are aware your PC is infected you probably need to call in a professional.

Is pinnacle video editor a virus?

No, Pinnacle Video Editor is not a virus. If it registers as a virus on your PC, just proceed with the installation.

How do you keep virus protection up to date?

Of course to use an anti-virus program to keep virus away from my PC. I believe most of PC users also use it, :D. I use the anti-virus software which named Instant Spyware Removal.

What does a bloodhound virus do to your PC?

bloodhounsd virus' are a wideranging topic:

How can you avoid a computer virus?

jst install a anti virus in ur PC and update it evryday