How much hay should a guinea pig eat daily?

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They need an unlimited supply of timothy hay if they are 6 months or older if they are younger then 6 months, pregnant, or nursing, they need alfalfa hay. They should have hay available to them at all times and if they run out give them more.
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Should guinea pigs eat broccoli?

yes but only in moderation x . yes we here at nation guinea pig sanctuary give our guinea pigs some all the time and they love them! . From Nation guinea pig sanctuary. P.S. we do not have a website .But there's your answer! . YES they do. they love it. and will munch on it happily. Yes. Guine ( Full Answer )

How much should you sell your guinea pigs for?

You should sell your guinea pig depending on alot of different things.... Whether it is a registered guinea pig, what type of guinea pig it is such as the more expensive breeds like peruvian, calic, crown etc. Or if your guinea pig is more of the uasull type such as the American long hair or the Ame ( Full Answer )

Should guinea pigs eat romaine lettuce and how much a day?

you should try to stay away from lettuce, especially iceberg lettuce, it isn't very nutritious. your better off feeding spinich, bean sprouts, bok-choy and other green leafy veg Answer: yes but it can ONLY be romaine lettuce.

Can guinea pigs eat timothy hay?

Yes. They also like green leafy vegetables like lettuce, also carrots and fruits like apples and pears.

How much do guinea pigs eat?

a guinea pig will eat atleast 8 oz. per day. Guinea pigs don't eat much pellet foods, but they should eat a small amount (about a cup full) of cut of fruit and veg twice a day. They should always have hay (preferably timothy hay) available which guinea pigs will usually eat a lot of. They should hav ( Full Answer )

How much does a guinea pig eat in a day?

It costs about $35 a month to feed one guinea pig correctly. Guinea pigs need a variety of food on a daily basis. First a high quality pellet (Oxbow is what I prefer) each guinea pig will eat about 1/8 cup of pellet food a day. Timothy hay should be available at all times, literally at all times. Th ( Full Answer )

How much should a guinea pig coast?

It depends on the store. If you go to petco (like me) they are around 80 probley, But if you go to a local pet store they are probley cheaper but sometimes guinea igs there are not as healthy. Hope this helped!

Why do guinea pigs eat so much?

not only does the guinea pig eat much but every other animal but the pig. every animal but the pig can eat until it barfs but the pig stops himself from eating so much.

How much hay do heavy horses eat daily?

As with any horse, the daily intake is based on the horse's weight, plus how the horse is being used. On the average, horses need 1% of their body weight in forage to maintain a healthy body mass. As an example, my Arab, who weights 900 pounds dripping wet, eats less than ten pounds a day in grass h ( Full Answer )

How much should you feed your guinea pig?

well if you give your guinea pig food and when he eats it all and there is no more food in his food bowl you should refill it again. guinea pigs eat a lot but you can also set a schedule on feeding your guinea pig.

Why does your guinea pig eat so much?

"He is a pig" is your typical and unedgucated response to this question, but the truth is that they should eat 6-8 oz. of food each day. Keep it on a strict diet of 2 treats a day, with 1 baby carrot or so. I would suggest calling a vet for advice, as this may be signs of a rare, but dangerouse illn ( Full Answer )

What and how much does a guinea pig eat?

Guinea pigs eat pellets, timothy hay, a little alfalfa hay, apples, carrots, specific kinds of lettuce, very small quantities of strawberries, and you may be able to feed them things such as extremely small quantities of cooked pasta. You can also feed them treats found at the pet store. Good guinea ( Full Answer )

Can guinea pigs have hay fever?

Depends on the kind of hay you give your guinea pig. If your guinea pig is a pregnant mother or a growing baby, then you should give him/her Alfafa hay. If your guinea pig is NOT a pregnant mother or a growing baby, then he/she should be given Timothy hay.

At what age can a guinea pig eat timothy hay?

Not giving guinea pigs unlimited Timothy Hay around the clock is a big mistake. Many people don't seem to know that guinea pigs NEED hay. Many people buy the hay they find at the pet store, the most commonly found packaged hay is Alfalfa hay. Many people buy Alfalfa hay because that is what the pet ( Full Answer )

Should guinea pigs eat lettuce?

Yes you can feed them lettuce however, feed them leaffy lettuce that is dark green. If you just feed them iceburg lettuce they will not get nutrition from it. so romain lettuce or something like that is good. They love it too! They need a cup of lettuce daily spring mix and romaine is good. Also h ( Full Answer )

Can Guinea Pigs Have Hay?

Yes. They need an unlimited supply of timothy hay all the time and alfalfa hay if they are pregnant. indeed guinea's do eat hay which they like most as straw can sometimes poke in there eyes whilst they are eating and hurt them. guinea pigs are vegetarian though so they only eat veggies. they also L ( Full Answer )

Is hay essential for guinea pigs and why?

Guinipigs need hay daily. I have two male guinipigs and they love it,sometimes there cages come with hay feeders.Why?Because it almost helps wear down there teeth and its a good source of vitamins

Why do guinea pigs need hay?

Hay helps guinea pigs (and rabbits) with their teeth. It helps keep them nice and trim, you must provide your guinea pig with an unlimited supply of hay everyday.

What and how much do guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs can eat all sorts of different foods. They can eat apples, oranges, carrots, celery, kiwi, and lots of other fruits and vegetables. They can also eat guinea pig food from the pet stores and timothy hay. A fully grown guinea pig eats about one hand full of guinea pig food daily plus some ( Full Answer )

How much hay to horses eat daily?

If a horse has lots of green pasture very much hay is not necessary. If they do not then one beet of hay once a day is plenty.

What do you do if a guinea pig is not eating much?

What do you do if a guinea pig is not eating much? If your guinea pig is not eating much wait a few days to see if it is eating more but if it continues eating little amounts I would take it to the vets as it may have something wrong with it. The vet will tell you to kill it so to save money just ( Full Answer )

How much alfalfa hay should you feed your guinea pig?

It really all depends on the guinea pig's size; If the guinea pig is large about a adult size handful, if the guinea pig is mediu m about a teenager sized handful, and if it a small guinea pig a child's size handful. Make sure you give the alfalfa hay once a day. It is apart of their diet. You s ( Full Answer )

How much hay can guinea pigs eat?

They like to nibble all the time they are awake, however like humans they need vitamin c. so hay alone is not appropriate.

Do guinea pigs eat hay and grass?

Yes, but only certain kinds. Get timothy hay or orchard hay from a local farm, feed store, or pet supply store (in which case Oxbow is the best brand). As for grass, they love to chew on freshly-cut pieces, but be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE the grass has not been treated with pesticides before feeding it t ( Full Answer )

Is hay good for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs? you mean yourself? yes of course its good for you, to cover up that fat ugly face

What daily foods can your guinea pig eat?

fruits like apple cut up or vegitables such as carrots, fresh green beans are good to feed your guinea pig when you are out of food. you don't want to substitute this with the food you buy at a pet store though. the foods you buy have a well balance diet for your pet and is the healthiest way to go. ( Full Answer )

How much orange can guinea pig eat?

The technical term is "pretty orange". The ratio would be 100% orange fur, to 0% other fur. Improved: Guinea pigs can eat as much as they like, physically. However, they should only eat about an eighth (1/8) of an orange a day.

What do guinea pigs eat and how much?

Guinea pigs can eat lettuce, cucumbers, guinea pig food, carrots, pickles, and biscuits. Lettuce- two leaves Cucumbers- half (if small) Guinea Pig food- two handfuls (if you are around 12) [depends on hand size] Carrots- half (if small) Pickles- whole but in slices (medium sized) Biscui ( Full Answer )

How much attention do guinea pigs need daily?

guinea pigs need to be checked on at least 3 times a day, needs to get out of the cage and play with its owner at least 2 times a day, and feed it at least 4 times a day. take care of your guinea pig ;D

Why do guinea pigs have to eat timithy hay?

As it is edible for them and helps wear down their teeth. People feed timothy hay to guinea pigs that aren't pregnant or young as if you give a normal guinea pig alfalfa hay (which is for pregnant guinea pigs and young guinea pigs), it will be too high in calcium (I think) which is bad for them.

How much hay should you put in your guinea-pig cage?

Guinea pigs should always have hay in their cage. Feed them as much as they want. If you want to spice up their forage diet a bit, getting grass from outside (not near a roadway, sprayed with pesticides, or a dog's "bathroom" :). If your guinea pig is getting fat, I don't think it is because of the ( Full Answer )

What kind of hay do guinea pigs eat?

go to petmart or petco. and ask for guinea pig hay it's green and white... the only reson i know is because i have 2 of them

Can you give guinea pig hay?

no Absolutely. Hay is a Guinea pig's prime source of food. You need to supplement fresh grass or herbs and give them vitamin A and C (for example, with vitamin-enriched guinea pig food from the pet store), but there should always be plenty of hay. They sit on it, they borrow in it, and they ( Full Answer )

What kind of hay does a guinea pig eat?

Timothy hay for an adult, alfalfa for a baby. There alternatives for timothy such as oat grass, but timothy hay is really best.

What kind of hay should a guinea pig eat?

Just general farmer's hay. You can get this from your local pet shop or garden centre. I would recommend not getting the hay in a tight cuboid shape because this will not taste very nice to your guinea pigs, but use the more natural-looking hay in a bag. Do not give your guinea pigs grass cuttings f ( Full Answer )