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How much helium is needed to lift an average human body?


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it depends is he/she inhaling it or are balloons tide to the person


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No, human body doesn't float on helium as it is light.

Helium is a naturally occurring element, but it is not found in the human body.

I'm personally not running out of helium. In fact helium is harmful to the human body in large doses. So no helium would not affect me.

there are 22 needed in the human body.

it is located in the human body carbon is needed to live.

The average human weight is 70 kilograms.

the average human body has 32 teeth!

The percentage of flesh in the average human body according to my calculations should be 35,74429%

Helium exists in all living cells. In nature, helium is extracted from biomass - especially from crude oil and natural gas reserves.

The average human has 8-12 pints in their body.

Human body temperature is the measurement of heat in the human body. The average person's body temperature is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

An average human body cell has an alkaline pH. This means it is above 7. Normally, a human cell will average 7.35-7.45 on the pH scale.

There are .000373 grams of blood in an average human body.

Helium is a gas and is not found in the body

Helium, is not oxygen, and as such a large presences of helium in the body can asphyxiate and cause death.

The average human can lift their own body weight. And since the average human weighs about 150 lbs, then that is the average weight a human being can lift.

These are protein that are presented within the human body that are needed for human metabolism.

There are approximately 1.5 gallons of blood in an average human body.

There are actually about 50 to 75 Trillion cells in the average human body.

The average human body consists of approximately 100,000 billion cells.

In average adult human body there are 206 bones in total

according to, there are around 125 bones in an average human body.

The human body has an average of 640 muscles.

i balive that's in the sweat

Helium isn't toxic to the body but does deprive it of needed oxygen. By inhaling Helium you are actually pulling oxygen out of the body and can be potentially dangerous if oxygen isn't reintroduced. As the related link states, sucking it in from a Helium balloon won't kill you. You might just get light-headed or pass out (don't hit your head). Inhaling it from a tank or climbing into a giant Helium balloon is extremely dangerous and there are fatal cases.

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